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  1. Theres nothing much to say as its all being covered on my earlier threads, (to be posted soon) except dedication and perseverance payed off. Its sad for me to witness such a vast & once important site being left to rack & ruin, knowing that it will never be operating again & all the staff which lost their jobs. Each time I visited here there was a gradual deteriation, increased stripping and piles of debris or scrap lying about. The coke ovens & blast furnace are collapsing, while the bricks are crumbling & half of the electricitys off. I wasnt 100% sure, but think there was one maybe 2 staff about while I was in there. SSI Power Station, Redcar by stranton A self sufficient power station, which supplies electricity for the SSI site. Using a combination of coke ovens & blast furnace gas, both by products of steelmaking. consists of a boiler house, turbine hall (6 turbines) & several workshops. view via the 1 mile long conveyor (notice all the secca vehicles) boiler house turbine hall gantry crane pipes & tanks emergency exit thanks
  2. seems my hawaiian shirts follow me
  3. I notice this while having a walk along the Canel, alot of the floors are missing and there wasnt access passed the 1st floor or too the roof because the stairs were blocked off nothing epic but was worth the visit. Visited with @AcidReflux Minto & Turner was a former shipping warehouse, which opened in the 1970s (cant find information on its prior uses) and closed in 2007. Theres plans for refurbishment of this and the Minshuils warehouse alongside, currently theres no evidence of work on either of the 2 warehouses. the building is grade 2 listed beneath street level 1st floor missing ceilings & floors stranton
  4. I notice this while having a mooch about Manchester, alot of the walls and floors are in a bad way there was alot of equipment remaining at street level and on first floor but wasnt possible too access these or the tiled staircase, due too unforseen circumstances. Nothing epic, but well worth the visit. Sort of half a thread but thought I will share with you . visited with @Coolboyslim D & G Smith Gibson was a former textile warehouse, the company was founded February 1934, in Stockport & continues trading today (cant find opening and closing dates or prior uses for this building). The building is currently in the process of refurbishment, even through there isnt much evidence of this except scaffolding. No idea if the building is grade listed. stranton
  5. hello I am stranton, ( sure some of you know me) from Sunderland, been exploring a while now, prefering roofs & draining. thanks