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  1. Fond memories of these old explores, so long ago since I did my first explore. 11 years ago I started exploring. Still look at abandoned buildings exactly the same but a old lady now lol at 62. In my head I am 40 but the rest sais otherwise. Great to see this site again and all the explores, well done all of you for the work you do. Happy exploring xx
  2. What a icon that place is glad I did get to see it, superb report and pics.
  3. Superb write up and report, fab pics, this was another one of my first explores have fond memories also for this place, and those brown shiny tiles. They still look new.
  4. Wow fantastic, one of my first explores 9 years ago. The peeling paint is awesome, Can't believe this is still standing. You have captured it well.
  5. Fantastic I usually only like natural, but these are exceptional. Like pop art of trains luv it.
  6. Fabulous pics, I like the window shots with the broken glass, I'd say you have captured it well. Fond memories of this place, well done.
  7. OMG I can't believe the state of this place, I used to go there back in the 90's, you paid about £13 I think it was and got free drinks included and food, they had dancers male and female on podiums, the music was fabulous, you could dance on the stage. We also used to go with work for work do's, what a shame, great pics little sad seeing it in this state.
  8. Fantastic report and pics, the artwork is cool, well done for getting the pics:)
  9. When we went up there along time ago there was a firing range nearby.
  10. Great stuff, I am old enough to remember this place when it was active, wow what a state it has got into, great pics.
  11. Fantastic pics I visited this a long long time ago, it's so sad to see this in this state, maybe now margate is supposed to be on the up with the turner gallery they will do this up, if I won the lottery I would spend loads on it, it's our heritage. Great stuff getting the pics
  12. Hiya, got a virus at first as I pressed wrong button or something, son-in-law sorted it at weekend, and it is 6years old or so and not on windows 8, went on iplayer to watch something made a horrendous noise and said it was shutting down to save damaging computer, then I turned it off, back on and it said to reboot with disk which I haven't got, been advised to forget it and get a laptop, so saving at mo for a new one. It's time I updated it, thanks dubbednavigator for asking, just using daughter's computer and this is playing up, I'm sure I jinx em lol, be back properly soon folks, and I can now use library but been busy working. Happy exploring everyone xx
  13. Well from a female point of view I would say be honest as it will come out eventually, and anyway if someone doesan't like what you doing tough, you got be yourself, it's good to have different interests it would be boring if we were all the same, I would say go for it, and see what happens.