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  1. thank you guys if i fail i will double the money raised
  2. as many of ya will know i have a mass drink prob so doing this for charity im not begging or owt but please take pity and maybe spare a bit of change its for a good cause many thanx https://www.gosober.org.uk/profile/andypearce
  3. great pictures good report awsoe place going again sunday if any one wants to tag along
  4. ey ups fella just having probs adding pics add me on facebook man got a couple of albums on there im under andy pearce
  5. Heya guys just havnt had a computer for a while got a massive back log off pics lol ill put a mixed post up soon guys hope your all doing good
  6. love the pics looks a really nice place
  7. we will gi ya hand in i really wana go back here
  8. cheers man it will be awsome if you guys come up plenty of room for everyone aswell
  9. First proper proper report visited at night with mrbeardo and badbatz History: The company who used this place was ‘Wilkinsons of Elland’, started by Samuel Wilkinson and his sons Fred and Arthur were managers. In 1983 the company was taken over by Butterly Bricks and the site closed in 1985. The quarry is now used as a land fill site and some storage of clay for ‘W.T.Knowles’ The remainder of the site looks like this.
  10. various places that skeleton key showed us so a bit pic heavy