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  1. Not a Londoner myself, but welcome nonethless - good to have you here.
  2. Welcome to OS. I know UKUrbex shut down but I did think they rose again, obviously not! Good to have you here, I'm not far from Notts so if your about gimmie a shout 👍
  3. Welcome to OS! I assume by your username you are quite into draining, not much of that here so would be good to see anything you have 👍 Welcome along.
  4. Welcome along, look forward to seeing some of your adventures
  5. Welcome to the forum @Alex Lucian Tbh, the rules are dont be a dick, and don't post youtube only reports. Its pretty much that simple, we like to run the place so people can post as freely as they want, within reasonable limits.
  6. Shame when it gets to the stage where owners are fighting urbexers off, yea ok we get in places where we are not welcome but there are a lot of people out there being assholes. Anyway - not opening that can of worms. Nice one @Stevepg - your pictures are certainly getting better.
  7. Nice one getting this place done, it was pulled down in no time at all - think they are setting up over the road. Thanks for posting, decent set of pics too
  8. @MIMI 25 - understand where you are coming from, but if you put "power plant budapest" into google the entire first page is littered with the exact name. We very much appreciate sensitivity for sites that do need it, this doesnt seem to be one of those considering the condition it still is in. Great report this, awesome location.
  9. Everything about this is very, very cool - got any info on it?
  10. ^^^^^^ This is the sort of response we like to see. Well put @jones-y-gog
  11. We don't accept video reports on their own anymore, however in recognising user preference, we do allow a mix of both video and pictures 😊
  12. What a lovely looking place, any more pics?