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  1. Was such a shame to hear about this, but alas, this is what happens when you dont adapt and change your business with the times. Quite happy to have video reports if they are combined with pcitures, and its better for you as we share them ourselves
  2. Nice, surprising amount of stuff left, do you have any other pictures of the shafts?
  3. Hi @Viktorija I've moved your thread to short reports, and removed the reachout for instagram. We are quite happy for you to put it in the websites section, and a link in your signature, but its not really necessary in the post itself Thanks for posting this up and good effort 👍
  4. Thanks for bringing this over from the OS FB group, I think its really cool
  5. Welcome to the forum both of you 👍
  6. Seem to recognise this one, does it begin with L by any chance
  7. Did someone set an event up in the back yard?
  8. Good stuff that, some hefty gear still in there.
  9. How is that still standing after so long?
  10. Not a bad thing being less concerned with pictures and more the explore, doesnt do the forums any good though 😆 Welcome
  11. @comatose - odd name! welcome to OS
  12. Well, this is the first time I have seen this and gather you didnt get any luck. Did you find what you were looking for elsewhere?
  13. Hello and welcome to OS @Alex
  14. Great to have you on OS @Jessicajoan97, welcome.