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  1. Hi @Adambl, i'd suggest getting involved with the community before asking something like this. You will probably gain some decent insights by doing so, as well as potentially more return on the shout out.
  2. The pictures really do this place justice, nice one.
  3. Awesome explore, excellent photos. Love this report.
  4. Thats an awesome looking place, easy to chill in. Edited nicely as well.
  5. Absolutely class report there, good effort! thanks for posting.
  6. Wow, looking at the exterior you could be forgiven for thinking it wouldnt be special. That ceiling though! Big bastard crack though.
  7. Welcome along @Wicked Sunday, look forward to seeing your stuff
  8. Hello and welcome to the community @sarah copeland
  9. Hey @Nico, welcome to the forum
  10. Welcome to the community @abandonedsouth
  11. Welcome to the community @rnardino