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  1. Is it your property? No. Question answered. This hostile? you obviously havent seen the various facebook groups This is as good a debate as you can expect considering the subject.
  2. Nice one for signing up flame, must be doing someting right for long time "lurkers" to be signing up
  3. You are very, very wrong here. By definition decay is natural as it happens if no intervening maintenance is done to prevent it. Vandalism is completly deliberate. This is why as flawed as it is, NP exists. And there is a harm in it, it accelarates hazards when genuine explorers are out there. Fancy making a fire? that'll be an explorers foot through a board.
  4. Epic, you do awesome reports! Last shot is a winner.
  5. This is SCHWEET AF! Nice one, that clock mechanism is a peach.
  6. Not something I have seen before, very very cool though! Thanks for posting it.
  7. What a cracking little find Andy, love the detail and the fog is perfect.
  8. I went here a couple of months ago (need to get the report up) Loved the artwork in the hall, and you seem to have got into a couple of places we didn't. Was the electric still running?
  9. Love the pictures and report, bang one! Taken real care over those and looks like a great wander. Persoanlly think the watermark is a little intrusive, but its opionion
  10. Right up my alley this, love it. Nice one.
  11. Wow! What a report, love that shot of the filing shelves.
  12. Pretty cool this, could do with a few more pics if you have any?
  13. Thats amazing, love this report. Great pictures and awesome location!
  14. Those shots are awesome AF mate, lovely site as well.
  15. I don't find the way people are recording thier explores an issue at all, however I do also belive it takes more of a "knack" to film a Youtube video than it does to take photos. You can skim across a report with naff pictures, you can't really with a video. Who wants to hear you and your makes heavy breathing? people are often more selective about what they post when its a picture. Oh, and the fact they show entry half the time. Now a GOOD video is fine, no more than 2 or 3 minutes, highlights of an explore, and well narrated rather than shitty drum N bass. If we saw more of those, the ban on solely video reports may not have come along. The reason we allow "hybrid" types is to enable both interests. Essentially, if there's no thought put into the video of its quality, or awareness of its effect on the wider community, I have no time for it. Can photos still have the same effect? to an extent yes, but its also a lot easier to moderate if it needs to be.
  16. What stunning photos! Love this. Nice one.
  17. Nice report again @teddybear Ive removed a couple of busted pics, feel free to add them to this thread again if you so wish
  18. Lots of decay, shame its been utterly shagged but nice wander none the less.
  19. What a cracking looking place, all that stuff left there. Bet you spent hours looking around that,
  20. Curtains, in a mine. ? Awesome looking place, look at that cog!
  21. Shit me that is a long time to be in production. Nice effort here.