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  1. Welcome to the forum @AlexAvenue, what sort of stuff do you like? derps / high stuff / underground?
  2. Welcome to the forum and good to see you getting involved, where did you find OS out of interest?
  3. Hi Shane, looks like you have plenty to share, welcome to the forum
  4. Thanks for the introduction, hope to see you contributing on the forums
  5. Welcome to OS @PerryGoesPlaces , hope to see some of them on here
  6. Welcome to the forum @BrotherHoodUrbex
  7. Nice introduction! look forward to seeing you about the forum.
  8. Welcome to the forum @jakeurbexphotography
  9. Shitballs @AndyK! - thats pukka! thoroughly enjoyed reading that. What a vast place.
  10. Perfectly put @Andy. Unfotunately it seems the OP doesnt agree....
  11. This is one of the times the radom photo generator shows a peach, what a cracking report!
  12. Looks like most of Birmingham nowadays, looks a good wander though
  13. Asylums are really my bag, but when I started exploring, there were only a handful left in the UK. Now they are essentially gone, I think its good to look back on the best pictures. This should be limited to one per user, with the picture that attracts the most reputation gaining a spot as our website logo for a week. Mine is a day room in West park, where I had a chilled out lunch.
  14. Hi @Adambl, i'd suggest getting involved with the community before asking something like this. You will probably gain some decent insights by doing so, as well as potentially more return on the shout out.