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  1. The ceiling and brickwork on that place is amazing!
  2. Yep, the derp is definetly strong with this one! Tiles are pretty cool
  3. Thats a cracking chapel, the pipes and detail on the roof look well worth a vist.
  4. You can carry on posting like that @.Gh0ast First couple of pics feel like something straight out of Game of thrones
  5. Not really sure how to describe it really, the design just has that sort of feel to me
  6. Nice one @jane doe - you cpatured that well
  7. Top quality report there, tip top photos too Those dials, my my.....
  8. Now theres a cracking report, enjoyed reading that
  9. Nice one, is there any history to them?
  10. Love these pictures!
  11. This is a nice one to have come across, I live in the town. This is what it looks like now..
  12. Looks like my sort of playground, bloody huge! nice one.
  13. The ones that are missing the red effect are actually quite cool Edited your title to make a bit more sense
  14. This is pretty cool, got a bit of a "prison" feel to it. Nice one!
  15. Nice, do you know anything about it or any more pics?
  16. Nice bit of history there mate. Nt sure about condos, but a music room would be ace in there!
  17. Interesting looking drawing in pic 2, any idea what it is?
  18. Welcome to the forum @Pixiepea
  19. This is a quality report @Hydro - thanks for sharing it.
  20. Did you ever mange to get in an have a look @mattkasp_er?
  21. Tiem chamber has recently had an update too, looks amazing.