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  1. Nice report again @teddybear Ive removed a couple of busted pics, feel free to add them to this thread again if you so wish
  2. Lots of decay, shame its been utterly shagged but nice wander none the less.
  3. What a cracking looking place, all that stuff left there. Bet you spent hours looking around that,
  4. Curtains, in a mine. 😁 Awesome looking place, look at that cog!
  5. Shit me that is a long time to be in production. Nice effort here.
  6. If you hadnt of said it was a quarry, i'd have easily mistake it for a busted old fort. Wow.
  7. Something very. very cool about this. Awesome work.
  8. Wasnt intended in a nasty way @Wicked Sunday, but it does happen in this community a lot, across different forums. What makes the community is getting involved, i'm confident you will find what you are looking for if you do so
  9. This is often something that interests the management of a forum, or any website really that is of modest size. There have been a lot of new users recently, and it would be great to know how they found us. What brought you to this site in perticular?
  10. Dont remember seeing this, but its quite cool! Yea, I couldnt read a word 😁
  11. This popped up with no replies so I thought I'd have a look, shame you didnt get anything back in 2014, but hi
  12. Welcome to OS @Gabor - hope you enjoy the site.
  13. Other than what Andy has already suggested, I would say that exploring solo at night, whilst it is your preference, isnt great for networking opportunities. Using any sort of forum is also not the way to go about finding new places that local to you. It just doesnt work like that I'm afriad. They/We are there to provide a place to share peoples experiences, not to be the yellow pages. Its also about the first time I have heard someone finding it diffucult finding locations in Belgium, its a gold mine. Good luck with your search
  14. Really cool looking place, wasnt expecting to see that awesome looking staircase there.
  15. More like to get a response to this if you get involved around the forum. Try sticking a report up from the support facilty, browsing and commenting on reports in the area you are looking for and you may be surprised what you find out
  16. Wow! What a report. Military stuff isnt usually at the top of my list, but this report is 10/10. Great introduction, story and absolutely belting pictures. Just the right amount of processing, and bloody loads of them without anything being boring. Top effort.
  17. Seen this place pop up rather a lot as you say, although different accounts are always good to have Nice one!
  18. Very, very old post - but glad I read it. Great read from the OP and @Vectorav. Shame about those naff arse PB watermarks though
  19. Proper derpazoid. Whole lot a work to get that right.
  20. Absolutely tragic some of those cars are rotting away there.