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  1. Awesome pics matey. Was rather nice up there... Have a good one.
  2. Yep welcome m8ty. Sure you will fit right in. Safe exploring and can't wait to see what you post and find. All the best from slim
  3. Yep like that. And the write up was funny has fook.. nice one
  4. @Maniac I remember that also.. with the heli parked on top of entrance has you went in. Was a decent walk round then. @Britain's Decays dropped you pm thanks m8ty.
  5. I deffo need to see this. i had one go a while back but secca are cocks watching everything etc. Great stuff dont forget about me will ya :-).. Well played getting it done.
  6. Thanks @Dubbed Navigator and yea only so many times you can read Victoria this or cottage that lol. Especially with something hit has hard as this was.
  7. Yep @hamtagger m8ty the tiles and woodwork still in semi decent state . That's all that's worth seeing and the fireplace. Thanks for replying matey. And have a great crimbo.
  8. Thanks @jones-y-gog matey. Just needed stick something up it's been far too long. Gotta also siff through some more and see what I've got . All the best matey
  9. Whats This a report from me NOOOOOO Wayyyy lol. Sorry aint been upping much hopefully that will change. Anyways i know a few been here etc but thought i would up mine. History: Not much im afraid and i aint copying anyone else. What i do know is a pub/club was underneath and its been up for sale quite a bit. Also it has some lovely terracotta walls etc . Explore: Visited on a invite from @GRONK after a little look with @stranton and mentioned it to gronk has it could be worth a visit has me and strant didn't get time. And even though a lot is trashed a lot was deffo worth the trip. And getting in well it was more open than some of the ladies of the night i have seen in both Leeds and Sheffield lol. A big difference from when me and strant went. Anyways on with what you want to see the pics. so enjoy all. A few shots from bar area .. Dont forget your coat lol.. Now my fave bits .. @GRONK getting in my shot lol The smell in here ffs was unreal. #URBEXPOO lol Ok thats it for now enjoy sll. Will deffo try to get some more done. If not before crimbo have a cracking Christmas all and a urbex filled 2018 for all. Thanks for looking.....
  10. Bout time I got some new people shots up.. anyways me and @GRONK having fun has always lol... Have a great Christmas all.. Hope you like them.lol..
  11. Looks bloody awesome. And great set of pics . Remember you showing me the cinema projector thing . Cool has fuck that is.
  12. I'm still here lol. And that's some sexiness right there matey...
  13. Fook wouldn't like a cut there ya not bloody kidding lol. Just the bloody thought . Great pics m8ty and a fond farewell not for to long though I hope m8ty..