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  1. That's a cracker right there great post thanks
  2. Bloody sweet that Andy nice looking pics and great post thanks matey.
  3. Awesome pics looks amazing thanks for sharing your explore. Brill stuff
  4. awesome that matey. Stunning pics of a beutifull place. Thanks for report.
  5. welcome cant wait to see some usa goodness ..
  6. You know I gotta say it. But there's some nice p3 shots to be had there lmfao. What a bloody odd place but can see lots of fun to be had with pics in there. Cheers for post
  7. Omg fucking epic fun. With you inside them con merchant grabbers at least it's a guaranteed win lmfao. Epic stuff.
  8. Don't think I've seen this one. Nice pics and good report cheers for sharing.
  9. La natural .. love it . Thanks for sharing.
  10. Really nice m8ty. I deffo need to Finnish the stuff I have in Wales. Thanks for post.
  11. Great place. Looks like lots been removed since my visit bout year and half back. The lower floor was full of stuff . And in your vid the old suitcases and boxes are gone. Such a shame. But awesome to see again thanks
  12. Ok this is lovely. And deffo agree looks like the nicest chapel at moment. Next time I'm in wales I may check this out. I've bloody loads in Wales to do lol. And chipping away slowly. Beutifull shots there matey .
  13. Awesome pics matey. Was rather nice up there... Have a good one.
  14. Yep welcome m8ty. Sure you will fit right in. Safe exploring and can't wait to see what you post and find. All the best from slim