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  1. Like this matey. Some good shots and nice machines.. Thanks for posting
  2. Can't believe I'm letting this slip on by. Nowt left by the time I may see it lol. Nice to see again thanks for posting.
  3. Bloody hell @AndyK! If ya keep this up I'm going to be busy lol. Looks a great mooch and nicely shot cheers matey. All the best
  4. Only cocks trash places no matter what shape its in. And if your coming on here to find places to trash I would put you in the dark place where no one comes back from The you tube. Maybe cause there parents would fook them up if they did it at home. Vandalism is just that to vandalise something that does or does not belong to you. End off. Now go out there and break something and get nicked so we can all have a good laugh and say told ya. And p. S everyone on here is really good and been way to nice to you with such a dumb has fook first post. And don't get me wrong I'm nice but seriously this post needs some petrol and a lighter done to it just like you probably do to buildings. PEACE
  5. Very untouched. Nicely shot. Thanks for sharing matey
  6. Good set. Looks a good set of tunnels. One I may check out one day. Thanks for posting matey.
  7. Very cool post. Really nice pictures them.. Thanks for post.
  8. Looks awesome that. Some great pics and a very unusual place but interesting epic stuff. Thanks for sharing
  9. Nice set of pics matey. All the best
  10. I remember being here ages back surprised it still stands. Nice ferox matey and all the best
  11. Because your all awesome and the site rocks ass. To be really honest I can't remember but do belive a certain acid led me here
  12. Yep agree with rest. Nice post matey. All the best.
  13. Holy fuckballs that's some dongs lol. Epic find made me laugh my head off. Thanks for post