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  1. The Hospital was founded in 1831 & by 1929 special feature available included Turkish, Russian & medicated baths & electro-medical department. The Infirmary was also approved for the treatment of Veneral Diseases The New Road Campus has been home to it"s various named College incarnations since the 1967 when the College paid £105,000 for the site. New buildings were opened in 1967 with the main block being opened in 1971. By 1978 they were 8,000 Students attending the college. The site which now consists of 10 linked buildings totaling 342,000 sq/ft over a 6.1 Acre site, which includes the original Grade 2 listed Hospital buildings, with it"s impressive original sandstone columns identical to those on the nearby Railway Station. With the statue of Edward the VII now looking over the car park. The College has recently moved into a new purpose build waterfront development for £60M which will welcome @20K Students. The old site has been purchased by Oldham based Wiggett Construction Company for an undisclosed sum Suggestions for the site include a Supermarket, a Care or Medical Centre, with the final potion un-allocated. The local Lidl has confirmed it will move to the new location from it"s local site. The area is not a place i frequent often. I find it too much like Bradford, all doom & gloom & full of Druggies who ironically, had curtailed my first trip prematurely when i"d previously recce"d this place in the Summer . I"d completely forgotten about the place, so thanks go too @albino-jay for bringing this location back into the limelight, with his quality recent night-time report And thanks for the pointers mate Called down one typically Yorkshire gloomy day for a recce & met up with @The Amateur Wanderer later on & decided to return on another much more gloomy freezing & wet day (nice too meet up again mate had some laughs & frights along the way The site itself is vast combining old & new construction techniques & buildings, so one minute you"re inside a modern day facility the next you"ve stepped back in time. The only thing they both share is the fact they"ve been well trashed. It looks like the Metal Fairies have been very busy over the last 3 years & is very reminiscent of DRI / Clayton Hospital with added Razor Wire on top. But has lots of hidden nooks & crannies to keep you occupied for a few hours at the least. I should mention that lots of rooms etc have been modified for Filming purposes from what we could ascertain, paint schemes similar to smoke & soot damage over the walls and curtains and strategic placed old beds & equipment .....which obviously been strategically re-positioned lol As always, thanks for looking ] Merry Xmas
  2. Bradford Conditioning House was built by the Bradford Corporation following a special act of parliament to quality check & control the moisture content of Wool by means of laboratory examination and certify their true weight and length. The purpose built building was designed by F Wild who died in 1901 and never saw his plans come to completion. It was the only such one of its kind in this country. The structure was erected over four-storeys and basement around 3 sides of an open court and opened in 1902 The Grade II-listed building (achieved in August 1983) lies forgotten & derelict since it closed in the late 80’s. In 1990, there were plans to transform the building into a hotel and conference centre. Six years on, permission was granted to convert it into commercial offices but nothing has happened up to the present time, apart from continuing it"s steady demise from the elements Anyone that"s visited here over the years has i"m sure, gained considerable insight into the many forms of Rot that affects Wood and it"s lack of ability once so affected too support an adults weight I think this must be high up on the list of "Most Rotten Building" that"s actually still standing ....for now. Anyhow, after having a drive around Bradford checking on a few sites in the rain, i thought why attempt to try & kill myself & what better way too go to Hell than through the "Conditioning House" floor (sorry A-R Fan Club members, i survived) I can honestly say it"s the only site i"ve done in Bradford where i"ve not had to worry about "Druggies" or wading through 6" of needles & associated drugs crap! TBH they"re the last things you worry about inside here, constantly thinking your"e about to take the express elevator down a few floors without warning If it wasn"t for the fear of falling through it would have been a relaxed mooch about, but even though i only managed to go through the flooring twice it was enough too ruin the experience slightly Unfortunately the building was cleared of most things years ago (i was hoping to come across an old rusty bed, but luck wasn"t on my side) so you"re limited pics wise i suppose, with the majority of interesting bits being in the lower levels in the darkness (not that i don"t find the top half interesting, because i do) so everything had to be lit up as you would expect (hence the weird coloration) One of the few buildings where the Warning signs actually tell the truth........guaranteed Hope it"s not too pic heavy ? And as always thanks for looking PS single shot RAW pics
  3. Cheers Mate, dangerous things these "Yorkshire Tunnels" according too Network Rail it seems. Less defended across the rest of the Country for some reason
  4. Here we have a Queensbury Tunnel report that will be of interest to quite a lot of people (off Forum) considering the debating that"s still ongoing at various levels at present regarding the possible re-opening of the Tunnel & being incorporated into the local Cycle Network with various bodies ........if it ever sees the light of day that is ? At the time of writing following a lengthy time actually pumping the Tunnel out (repeatedly it seems?) and various organisations inspecting the Tunnel, the projected costs for reinforcing around the deepest Airshaft in the Tunnel & filling in the shaft (to prevent future collapse) along with sealing the Tunnel is @£3.5 Million with the figure to repair and reopen the Tunnel as part of the Cycle Network is estimated at @£35Million! Obviously at first impressions, nobody could justify £35M just to open a Cycleway (out of London especially as both Clayton & Wells Head tunnels are both filled in at their ends, preventing passage & continuation of the Cycleway along the old Track beds without deviation. & with little return to the local area etc on such a large investment........if such a "Guesstimate" is indeed accurate ? I"ve been in quite a lot of Railway Tunnels across the Country over the last few years, so i"m used too the usual spalling & blowing out of tunnel walls (especially where water ingress and/or freeze thaw has happened) but Queensbury Tunnel really is in a "Dire" state as can be seen in some of the pics below. More so in comparison of reports from @stranton & @The Lone Ranger following the recent repairs back in 2012 & the last pumping out in 2014. The major things to notice are the scaffold towers erected to allow grouting/repairs to be carried out previously, now the roof lining/walls has collapsed onto nearly all of the staging with obvious potential for a major collapse. Along with wall areas blowing out etc you have large sections of the brick roof lining "Blowing off" and falling down .......currently! These are some of the many reasons proposed as to why the Tunnel should just be reinforced in the appropriate areas and sealed up and forgotten about ! As there are no recent pictures from the Tunnel (until now) I"d suggest these may allow some of the campaigners too actually see what they are fighting to save for themselves! History pinched from @The Lone Ranger & various others Queensbury tunnel (2501yds) is one of the longest and deepest railway tunnels in England. It was on the G.N.R line serving the Northern industrial towns of Bradford, Halifax & Keighley, and was built in 1879, passenger services ceased on the 28th May 1956. Running from Clayton (North portal) to Holmfield (South portal) it passes beneath the village of Queensbury, famous for the Black Dyke Brass Band. There are 5 air shafts (all now capped), air shaft no 3 is the deepest at 379 feet. The north portal is in poor condition with crumbling masonry, water is seeping through the tunnel lining at the north end and all the 5 air shafts. A big problem in the tunnels history was giant icicles forming on cold winter nights, A steam engine used to be parked here overnight to prevent this in later years. The line used to be known as the Alpine route due to its hilly nature. The South portal again is fully under water, it wasn't damned on purpose. The 1033 yard cutting at Strines reaching a depth of 59 feet, has been filled in with debris except for the last 100 yds towards the tunnel. With the tunnel been on a 1/100 gradient towards Strines, the filled in cutting acts as a dam. Resulting in the water submerging the portal and backing 1/2 mile in the tunnel. B.R.B (British Railway board) sold the land on sometime after the line closed. They often try sell on as much land as possible, but are still responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all bridges, viaducts, and tunnels though. The new land owner seems to be a farmer/building contractor type. It’s not known where all the landfill came from, there are some huge boulders there, but whatever, it's from the business he runs, he's used the cutting for the landfill. Obviously over the years the water seeping in the tunnel (which runs downhill) has nowhere to go, it just gets deeper. He was told by Network rail to pump out the cutting because they needed to do maintenance work in there, which he had attempted earlier this year. He was pretty pissed off about it too, he had to cover all the costs as well. But obviously he was fighting a loosing battle, and Network Rail have cleared the other portal, knocked down the retaining wall, erected the new fencing and they're going in that way. . Obviously since this was written the Tunnel has been pumped out a few times over the last year & there"s a new pump system running 24/7 through a filter system & pumping the clean water from the newly cleaned out tunnel drainage system into the nearby culvert (as it was previously) the Tunnel floor has been raised too create a sump over a few hundred feet from the Portal which now resides behind a Palisade fence system which encompasses the whole Portal and culvert entry area with Secca! Just to complete things there"s major misting inside the Tunnel due to the water coming down the shafts which is a pain trying too light the place up The sealed North Portal is Network Rail at it"s finest, if only NR did the Channel Tunnel fences lol The remains of the flotsam & jetsam litter the tunnel floor from the receding water & create yet more obstacles to avoid while keeping eyes above on the crumbling brickwork Visited with Choo Choo @stranton & 4Gas following reports of possible low O2 etc (safety first:) Enjoy Tunnel fans & usual viewers Nothing too see here......move along
  5. Eckie Thump Etc etc Cheers Mate Come out of retirement, and ruined my newly operated on shoulder.......yet again
  6. Cheers M8, getting inside is easy, getting out unscathed is a different story Cheers M8 , Yes i do they can be very relaxing.......depending on who you visit with Cheers M8 . Personally i don"t think it"s justified TBH there"s other Tunnels that would make more sense on the local(ish) Cycle network that could be opened up very cheaply, compared too this one.
  7. Glad you enjoyed our time in Bradford Mate And nice to see you being creative with your pics
  8. Cheers M8ty Hopefully you"ve since been mate ? Cheers M8ty Decay all the way
  9. Very nicely done (as per) Certainly an impressive building I thought it was ready for being Demo"d last time i drove past that"ll teach me not to stop
  10. Nice ones matey I had a sore throat for 3 days God knows what spores we"ve breathed in ?
  11. Cheers mate As for Sunday it was certainly different, for all the wrong reasons lol Well you never know mate, i have been known too make stuff look better before lol My PC remembers my password but i still don"t have a clue what it is Cheers matey I was thinking the same for me when i got wedged between the landfill & the roof after leaving my camera bag on lol Thanks for the kind words mate I"d checked it out previously and it was sealed and the view down the newly grated air shaft gave the impression that they were filled in above the tunnel. Which too be fair is nearly the case
  12. Not a great deal of History is available for this tunnel/culvert which runs from the Edlington & Warmsworth area to the outskirts of Conisbrough. The line was supposedly build to transport water from the Thrybergh Reservoir, through Denaby & Conibrough to Edlington and maybe through to Doncaster. Obviously this report is just concerning the "Known" Culverted section. The first time it appeared on a map was in 1892. The tunnel runs for approximately 1290 yds ? (although it seems much longer as you progress along it) has 4 air-shafts (which are all visible) and consists of different methods of construction. Some sections are your typical Red Brick formed arch sections whereas other have been driven straight through the limestone deposits that frequent the local area which have no man made supports at all. Other sections have obviously been constructed via the "Cut & Cover" standard tunnel technique and the brick support walls have a 3/4" rusting steel cover plate with the spoil back-filled onto it. The Cast iron water pipe that runs through the tunnel is approximately 2FT in diameter and made of around 10Ft lengths. Around 2/3rds of the original pipeline remains following some it obviously vanishing along with any steel fittings Access is very restricted too those of a certain disposition which makes you wonder how the heavy cast pipes were removed.....bloody strong metal Fairies in Yorkshire The tunnel varies considerably in both height & width throughout it"s length, going from crawl only sections through to 5x3ft sections to vast areas about 4ft wide and 6ft high . in other words you "will" bang your head & your camera gear repeatedly. I"ve shot UWA so it looks bigger than it actually is, if you suffer from claustrophobia id suggest you keep away. Surprisingly it"s in very good structural condition for it"s age (unlike me) apart from the infilled section around the air shafts & the odd subsidence type blowing of some walls. Although it does make you wonder about Farmer Giles driving over your head in his big heavy tractor as you shuffle under the plated sections Obviously due to the construction methods & materials it creates issues correctly lighting it up, hopefully i"ve done it justice As always, thanks for having a look & comments are always appreciated .......don"t be shy
  13. Cheers mate It is very much, although it does not look like it. That"s wide angles for ya
  14. Nice to see some different views from here & always meant to go back & have a "read" of the Mag"s lol funny how PC even places like these have become, in the old days you could have climbed over walls just using the stash of Porn.......or is that just me Got too say it"s an epic site & i miss running round the various parts of it avoiding the Secca that seems to be breeding at a rapid rate & producing a bigger Carbon Footprint in their vehicles that the Furnace used too I miss it
  15. Cheers mate Cheers matey I was told once Druggies won"t climb Now whether that"s Druggies won"t climb over Razor Wire into a rotten box i"m not sure But luckily there are easier too access, Drug Pits across the road Yeah it"s a real Sphincter twitching kind of place isn"t it Cheers Babe Can"t miss the Conditioning House name, but who knew what it did especially as it was a unique building.# It"s all about the Walkways It"s a pity all the glass has been broken out of the roof section now, but at least it"s a little safer to walk under when it"s windy, until you get inside
  16. Thanks mate Purely because the leads been removed as most of the roof tiles seemed intact....usual thing. didn"t see any Woodworm though there"s no wood left to eat
  17. While you"re stood on the pavement looking over your shoulder watching the Druggies sneaking about you mean Thanks mate Never heard of the A-R fan club? ......It"s a restricted membership Club that certain 28DL members started up in my honour
  18. Cheers mate & yes it does/is Very well signed & truthful
  19. Cheers Matey The classic money shot from here & yes too the above
  20. Nice work and nice to see a different section. I think i"m one of the few that"s not been down here yet Maybe i"ll get my finger out before it"s all gone