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  1. Airaux


    I've heard of people been charged with doing damage in a building which was beyond repair - I don't see what harm their doing in this kind of case.
  2. Airaux


    So much hostility for one little question. I never said I do it. I'm just saying there's no harm for any future would-be users.
  3. Airaux


    I'm not saying I do it and I can see that personal or other worthwhile objects would be worth preserving, but as for the usual stuff in buildings - furniture, windows, etc., I don't see any harm. Some people find it fun - some don't. If a building is abandoned and run down, it's unlikely it's not going to be vandalised. It could be argued that vandalism is just as "natural" by some definition of the word as "natural" decay is by another definition.
  4. Airaux


    Thanks for responding. That may well be the legal position, but if it has no future use, I don't see the harm.
  5. If a building is completely derelict - possibly even going to be demolished - is it OK to do damage in it? Anyone like to comment?
  6. Airaux


    Thanks for replying. The only thing I associate going into old buildings with is doing damage. I guess there are other reasons.
  7. Hi - I've just found this site and I wondered - What is the reason for your exploration into these places? Is it a form if art? - to photograph the place?