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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Pleased to meet you all
  2. Cheers! I know matt it has taken long enough but i'm here. Ye i'm going to sort through some folders and get some reports up when i have time in the next few days
  3. Hi everyone! I've been doing this on and off for quite a while now but never got around to using the forums. Last night after an explore i decided it was time to change that so here i am. I'm from Pontefract incase anyone is interested. Hopefully i'll be able to contribute something or other on this site but i aren't sure what yet haha
  4. Ye i heard you went just after us raz. Guessing you got to the bit we didn't manage then. I'll head back and get it covered soon. And cheers everyone for the welcome!
  5. Hi everyone, this is my first report so please bear with me. I aren't sure how well this will turn out so any/all input and suggestions to improve are welcome. A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY Cresent Cinema opened on the second of November 1926 and within the building was the 1190 seat cinema which had a fully equipped stage with associated dressing rooms, a cafe and a substantial dance hall. It was taken over by the Leeds based Star Cinemas chain in 1944. In 1971 Star sub-divided the Crescent Cinema forming a bingo hall in the former stalls and a new 412 seat cinema in the balcony that, like many of their cinemas, was renamed Studio 1. Further changes in ownership to the Cannon Group took place, bingo was superseded by snooker and the Cannon Cinema closed in 1993. It has not been used since although the snooker continues and a school of dance occupies the former ballroom. The Explore I had known about this location for a long time but never found any access until a couple of months ago when I met with some non members for an explore and one of them told me about possible access. Once we got there we found the entry but didn't go in for one reason or another and it was left and forgotten about until now. Access was fairly easy but not very obvious and I would have never got in here if it wasn't for one of the people I went with. Once inside I was instantly happy, as the screen was intact and the seats looked ok, so I was sure there would be a projector and I was not disappointed. Unfortunately I had forgotten to charge my camera battery before this visit so I got the main photos of the projector, seats and screen with my camera and then used my phone for the rest. Anyway on with the photos. This is what part of the seating would have looked like before 1971. Cinemas would be Sport on if they were this price nowadays. A letter dated 1974 What looks to be some old reciepts from the cinema. Thank you for taking the time to look and hopefully I'll see you all out there soon!