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  1. Wicked report would love to check this place out! goood pics!
  2. The Visit Visited with 2 none members we this was our last site of the day this place was certainly a hoarders house and is full of memories! its worth a visit will be revisiting as pictures turned out really grainy for some unknown reason! The History Cant find much history on this place but according to sources, the owners wife passed away and he couldn't bring himself to either live there or sell the property, and so it was abandoned. The name "Vanity House" stuck, perhaps for the number of dressing tables and mirrored wardrobes in there. The Pictures Sorry about the watermarking only reason i have done this is due to alot of photos being stolen and being claimed as their own on certain Facebook profiles
  3. Was my last DOF shot with the 50mm before its life was taken by this room
  4. The History St Joseph's College was founded in 1880 by Bishop Bernard O'Reilly to be the Seminary serving the North West of England. The college was formally opened in 1883. The seminary was closed during WW1 and reopened in 1919 along with a junior seminary. The second phase of construction commenced in 1923. St Joseph’s, usually referred to by its students simply as Upholland, was the main seminary serving the North West of England. The sister seminary at Ushaw provided the same services for the North East. Both institutions housed both a junior and senior seminary. The junior seminaries provided secondary education in a semi-monastic environment to boys aged 11 to 18 who wished to pursue the priesthood. The senior seminary taught adults philosophy and theology as they prepared for priesthood. The Visit Visited the first time with Loocyloo, Merryprankster and 2 none members!. To start the Alarms were hell! Ear plugs would be highly recommended if you are planning on going! Been here quite a few times over the past few months winter has hit this place hard tbh! Enjoy! I made a virtual 360 tour of this room click here to see it Sorry for the mix match images this was over a few visits with 3 cameras! also going to be doing more 360s if i get enough positive respone
  5. The History Carmel College was a predominantly Jewish co-educational bording school in England operating between 1948 and 1997. It was first situated at Greenham Common near Newbury and then at Mongewell Park near Wallingford, Oxfordshire. It was Europe's only Jewish boarding school. It also had a very small number pupils who were not of Jewish descent, as day pupils. It was referred to as the "Jewish Eton" and Carmel College alumni were referred to as "Old Carmelis". Typical boarding fees in 1996 were £10,000 per school term (i.e. £30,000 per year). In 1990 it topped the list of the 20 most expensive boarding schools in the country. It was closed in June 1997, mainly owing to diminishing pupil numbers and financial difficulties, having been seriously affected by the termination of government assisted places by the Labour government. The Visit After visiting a few times with LoocyLoo and TheVampiricSquid we saw a change in this place as film crews come and go slowly ripping lights from the ceiling and we started to notice the giant plaques go missing from the walls this place is still worth a visit! The Caretaker is abit thick tbh after him chasing us out he caught up with us when we was loading into the car and he asks “was that you guys in carmel†no that wasn’t us we was visiting our grandparents he replied “ok†and drove off without asking any more questions anyways enjoy! Sorry its so pic heavy guys this was over a few visits with a few different camera techniques...
  6. History The Royal Hospital Haslar, completed in 1762, was built to provide a dedicated military hospital for the Royal Navy. Set in over 60 acres of beautiful parkland, with many Georgian Grade II listed buildings and a prime seafront location, Haslar has a long tradition of delivering care and well-being to its residents. In November 2009 the Ministry of Defence (MoD) sold the site to OurEnterprise, a company dedicated to a community-led regeneration.Today the Royal Haslar site extends to approximately 62 acres of land and comprises approximately 75,000 square meters of buildings. Eighteen buildings on the site are either Grade II or II* listed. The Visit After waking up at 2am me and Loocyloo set off to fetch TheVampiricSquid we tried popping into maccies on the way down but it wasn’t late enough for breakfast so after our first attempt of entrance we got chased around the site for 20minutes after hiding for 10min TheVampiricSquid jumped back over the wall so we could have another crack at it as loocyloo was halfway over all we heard was him say get back down as he sprinted away with 3 bags and 3 tripods We camped out for 30min waiting for him to return but nothing! He had all of our stuff including phones so we thought we would head towards the main entrance to see if he had been caught he had! So we bailed and went for a actually maccies breakfast this time which was a mind fuck having dinner hours before having breakfast!!!! Our second attempt later on that morning was a lot more successful after playing on the ropes in the gym and trying to get the perfect shot of the spiral staircase before we knew it we had been in there 4/5 hours! So we made our exit just to be greeted by the same guard! As he tried to get us back in his office we made our way around him and he “called the police†so he started following us after clearly shouting to his mate “im going to get there car registration†we certainly wasn’t heading back to the car so we took him for a nice walk around the local streets until he realized it was highly pointless him following us! Anywhore sorry for the long story here’s the pics! Enjoy! The pics!
  7. History From Wikipedia: 'Dudley Guest Hospital is a hospital located in Dudley, West Midlands, England. It is situated in Tipton Road, and the buildings were originally constructed in 1849 by the Earl of Dudley to accommodate miners blinded in the numerous local coal mines. The miners rejected the Earl's charity, and the buildings remained empty until 1871, when they were taken over by local chainmaker Joseph Guest and turned into a hospital. The hospital's accident and emergency department closed in 1983 and was relocated to Russells Hall Hospital. A new horseshoe-shaped extension was opened in 2003, but the old buildings - including the out-patients department - remained in use until October 2007. Most of the buildings are due to be retained owing to their historic importance, though some of the less significant structures are set to be demolished, and it has been speculated for some time that houses will be built there, although nothing definite has yet been confirmed'. Visit After a quick shopping trip so i didnt have to go exploring in my office clothes again! me and LoocyLoo headed off to pick up RedHunter and a non member! Access was easier than we thought as no report has been posted since 2009! Would reccormend wearing a respirator mask the place was DIRT! So we turned up and went to climb over the fence! what was there! Horses! F*cking Horses! blocking the entry onto the site! so alternative routes were found after 20 Minutes in the Hospital we triggered an alarm and found where the sensors were located (maybe you should stay off the ground floor)... After hiding from security walking round the outside we cracked on! Sorry for boring you all, heres the pictures!
  8. one quick question do we have a nudes page i can contribute to?
  9. Hi, Guys Names Jack live in willenhall / Wolverhampton with Loocyloo we are always up for meeting new peeps
  10. i wanna go there soo bad seen this pic pop up a few times!
  11. History​ The hospital closed in 2012 upon completion of the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Relocation of the first services from Selly Oak began during the summer of 2010 when its A&E department moved to the new Q.E Hospital on 16 June and over the next 7 days Critical Care and other departments moved step-by-step the 1.5 miles to the new hospital. On average one inpatient was moved every 5 minutes between 7 am and early evening. It was announced on 24 February 2015 that contracts had been exchanged for the sale and redevelopment of residential housing on the site. The site already had outline planning permission for 650 homes. The Visit​ I know this place has been done to death! After trying to get in a few months back and being busted before getting in we attempted again so this visit was with Redhunter, LoocyLoo and a non Member. These images are from my first visit, this place was pretty cool tbh but the pikeys have got there hands on it so ceilings have been pulled down and wiring stripped from the walls the place has been trashed over the past couple of weeks but all in all its pretty easy to get in and the morgue has not been touched by pikeys yet so thats still worth a little look... ​ Pictures
  12. The History (Borrowed from Wiki) Between the 1960s and 1990s, the Site was the Multi-Occupational Training and Education Centre (MOTEC) which provided training for workers including HGV drivers and mechanics and hosted the RTITB National Junior Mechanic Competition 1987. The majority of the runways have been removed leaving only small tracks however nine hangars still are present spread out over the site and near a local village. A local Wartime Aircraft Recovery Group also occupies a section of the site. In 2002 it was proposed to build a centre for asylum seekers on the site. The site was sold in 2014 to the Greenhous Group. The Visit after an early start with hangover from my moms wedding the night before we set off me, Loocyloo and Redhunter. So after a very long walk around the 5ft high corn field! and the slippery entrance we were over my fluffy socks soaked... well everything was soaked! So first we headed for the water tower! after LoocyLoo knocking rust into my eyes off the ladder! we made it to the top and as we got to the top a car pulled up with a rather wide gentleman with a little white westie after waiting it out we realised he wasn't leaving! So we made our way down to carry on, after a few close misses he was close to catching us! thanks to the little hide outs we made our way to the storage location for the BEDFORD! the main reason for our visit and after spending 5/6 hours we got caught by a eastern european lad that looked about 15... he didn't actually ask us to leave he just kept hinting that he wanted us togo. He was timid to if you bump into him be nice... anywhore enjoy! Abit of info about the bedford!