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  1. It's half demolished. For some reason work seems to have just stopped on it but an entire side of the building is wide open, at least, that was the case when I popped by here last year. Im also surprised it's still here, figured it would have come down considering the amount of redevelopment in the area. Fairly grotty inside, I can understand the masks, but still quite an interesting one. Would have been good to have seen it in it's prime.
  2. January 2012 350 members of staff at this Sheerness based steelworks made the usual morning trek to work only to find their jobs gone and their months wage-packet along with it. Thamesteel had gone into administration. Despite a small glimmer of hope for the former employees livelihoods in June last year, when a new company set up by the plants former owners (the Saudi-based Al-Tuwairqi Group) took over the site, Thamesteel has sat exactly as it was left. Tools literally down with rust already setting in between the thick layers of dust and pigeon crap. There are still around 250 outstanding unfair dismissal claims filed by Community Union on behalf of the staff who lost their jobs and ATG Chairman Dr Hilal Al-Tuwairqi has failed to respond to questions about their intentions for the land. It is estimated it could cost £30million to decontaminate the land but as the years continue to pass without news and the forces of time and nature enact their toll on the inert site it looks increasingly unlikely Thamesteel will ever reopen. Visited with my mate Oliver (aka Headflux) on a nippy February morning. Like many have commented before on past reports of this place the scale is truly astounding. I hadn't been exploring in something with this size and scope since the much missed Pyestock back in 2012 so it was quite a sight for sore eyes. Heard a couple horror stories about security with dogs and these I only found out about once I was already in the car, buckled up and on my way thus was unable to scrabble out the window and make my way back to the warm bed I had just dragged myself out of. Thankfully however the explore itself was quite a peaceful affair despite there still being a bit of activity in and around the buildings, with construction workers and forklifts using a couple of the buildings as a drive through shortcut to the one building that still appears to be in use. The skeletal remains of another of England's lost industries. An incredible explore.
  3. Some tasty shadow play here! Me likely!
  4. I've seriously got to get my ass back here soon!
  5. Oof, that is seriously lush that is. Nicely processed as well.
  6. Have some good memories of this one. A good way to kill an hour or two. Lovely lighting here. Captured it well.
  7. Lovely looking Cottage. Beautiful. If Lara doesn't have it then I will.
  8. Amazing, they have an actual wank cave. I think I've seen it all now.
  9. What Nelly said, incredible, just incredible. You have no idea what horrible and depraved acts down dark alleys I would do just to get this shot!
  10. Stunning. There are not enough digits to give the amount of thumbs up needed to do this justice.