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  1. Visited with banned batz and andy. First time out for awhile included a trip here. This was owned by Samuel Firth of Gatehead, Marsden, and opened in 1888. He also owned Holme Mill.By the 60s, it was owned and run by Fisher, Firth & Co. which became Cellars Clough Woollen Mills Ltd, managed by another Firth son, in 1981. The company has now been dissolved.At its height it employed 180 people but the mill shut down in 1982. There are currently plans to try and convert it in to apartments.
  2. Thought I'd post my old stuff up seeing as Nelly promised to post me a greggs pasty in return.
  3. Oldish report from November last year. Got caught by some contractors in here and they weren't best pleased. History: St John’s Asylum, Lincolnshire in the East of England was built 1852. The building was then known as Lindsey & Holland Counties & Lincoln & District Lunatic Asylum. The Asylum has also been known over the years as Lincolnshire County Pauper Lunatic Asylum and Bracebridge Heath Asylum. Finally it was given the name St John’s during the early 1960’s It was originally built to house just 250 patients but by 1902 the asylum grounds covered 120 acres. The grounds of the asylum were cultivated by the inmates where they grew their own vegetables. Within the grounds was a cemetery for the hospital which covered 1.5 acres. St John’s also had its own mortuary chapel. After the outbreak of World War II during 1940, the patients were transferred to other nearby establishments as the hospital was turned into an emergency hospital. In 1948 the administration of the hospital was passed to the National Health Service The asylum finally closed its doors during December 1989 with all the patients being transferred to other nearby hospitals. The site was then sold to developers who have converted a lot of the site into new housing. All that now remains is the main asylum buildings which are Grade II listed and cannot be demolished. However work is now under way to convert the main buildings into flats.
  4. splored with my m8 suggeh
  5. Nice! Was it you with Behind closed doors the other day ?. I didn't bother with the upstairs bit wish I had.
  6. Nice set ! Love it here. Maybe while you're down south in a few weeks B
  7. Haha did what we did and headed for the chapel, the alarm in there was ear bleeding worthy
  8. Sell Out Cat Crew meet: Been wanting to see this for a awhile and finally got a chance. Knowing it was a pain in the arse to navigate if you didn't know where your were going didn't put me at ease, and of course there's the ear bleeding alarm. Visited with Banned Batz, scrappy and his lass. I took too many photo's here so here's a selection more available on flickr or blog. *insert ear bleeding alarm noise for full effect*
  9. Part of the Sell Out Cat Crew (SOCC) outing me and Banned batz visted a church First day of visiting derelict sites of the year, having been here in 2012 and since upgrading camera several times and improving my photography a hell of a lot I thought it was time to see how the church was doing after it's on/off access. Answer is not a lot has happened.
  10. Modelled by MR Batz Untitled by Jonathon Tattersall 91, on Flickr
  11. nice one surprised myself considering they started crying the other month about people going in it.
  12. bloody hell forgot about this, nice one PM. We miss you all.
  13. ah can't do hospital s but can do hospital t if that's any good?
  14. Share pls or u cant be me m8, nice un R J
  15. It's been a year or so since I last went and got busted. But a change of camera and a wider lens meant that I wanted to go back and get some shots that I can be happy with. Wanted to get a few more sites in the Lincoln area done and had a look at rauceby asylum which wasn't my cup of tea. While it looks like work is being done to St J's it's only been confined to the external to the building as far as I can see.
  16. Not going to name it as I don't want it trashing pls dnt ask. was a gud splore with derphouse,MCg,Batz
  17. It's right lovely in here, nice un love. Think me and some of the krew visited after Lancaster moor
  18. aye shall have to sort a sunday out whenever. Can't keep up with all the trips out you have