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  1. Thank you and there wasn't any music so I'm not sure why they did that
  2. A very brief History Cambridge Military Hospital was completed in 1869 and was active till 1996, for the past 19 years it has been left to decay. It was built with the purpose to serve British army camps located near by. Today it is patrolled by security with one of the south west buildings demolished Our Visit After waking up at 0300 and riding to meet TheVampiricSquid, the long journey up to Aldershot began. He'd been here before whilst this was my first visit. Upon entering the premises, everything went smoothly and to plan, our planned access was a no go but we easily found another way in within minutes. After exploring the East side, we decided to head around the back and explore the west. After nearly bumping into a patrolling security member, we lasted about 20 minutes of being in the main building it was apparent we had tripped an alarm so we ran to the center of the site and kept our heads down. Just before we were going to check out the clock tower we heard shouting from down stairs...we'd been cornered in the main building with no where to run, we figured it was best to come clean with this one. After we'd been escorted to the front of the site, we were tolled that they would call the police and have our details taken. Uh oh! TheVampiricSquid then decided we weren't having that so we made a run for it... Half a kilometer and three angry security guards later, we'd made it back to the point of which we entered VIDEO OF SECURITY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR588rWAn80 (I should mention that fake names were used in video) Photos follow below. Watch the Youtube link below to see our escape https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR588rWAn80 If you've got this far, thanks for looking
  3. Thanks and aha my mates decided I look like him, hence the name Beibs :')
  4. Ah cheers and yeah we did, probably my favourite explore so far
  5. Thank you glad you liked them and ah nice, glad he didn't catch you
  6. Ahaha thank you and yeah man it's a really cool place
  7. Cheers man, means alot was really cool to meet someone else with the same intentions there