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  1. The house of the Sly Fox. A great explore with some superb company of Ssshhh... ,Mars Lander and antonymes for whom we owe the visit too, a wonderful find mate well done . The sun was shining and we were off into the sticks to find a few locations we had planned to visit, with the first two not turning out to be much we continued undeterred onto the third with fingers crossed, parking in the middle of nowhere we exited the car, over rolling hills, bridges over raging torrents,through graveyards of the wild, the odds were against us but we pressed on, i even found a skull and got my foot wet, before peering over the horizon to gasp in awe at the cottage of the Sly Fox, did i mention i nearly got swept away and eaten by crows ?. This is what awaited us on our adventures to the house of the Sly Fox, enjoy . Thanks to all for looking and thanks guys for a great day
  2. Great pictures there Mr Saint looks a great explore
  3. Stunning!, great feel with the black and white
  4. Cosy Manor of the Red Dress, September 2013. Looks like this place has had a lot of attention as late, but it was a location i been wanting to go see for a age now and as me and Mrs LP had some time on are hands we decided to go pay her a visit and so glad we did, the place has been pretty much covered , this is my take hope you enjoy ? Thanks so much for taking the time to look
  5. Lancaster moor Asylum (formerly known as The County Lunatic Asylum) May 2013 During the nineteenth century Lancaster became a Center for the treatment of mental illness, in 1809 it was decided that the proposed County Lunatic Asylum would be built at Lancaster. Lancaster Moor Asylum was Lancashire’s first County Lunatic Asylum, opened in 1816, extended in 1824 and annexe completed in 1882, and by 1891 it accommodated 1833 patients but could hold up to 2400, the building occupies a site comprising an area of about 41 acres. The renovation is well on its way with huge piles of rubble piled outside of the main block and new windows being fitted almost throughout but still well worth a look . Nice relaxed explore with Mars Lander after the security dodging of the amusement park. Thanks for looking, always a pleasure .
  6. Awesome shots PS !, top explore with great company
  7. Nice shots mate all that running around with the torch like a mad man payed off wondered what the hell was going on when i looked through the door haha nice report
  8. Wow ! holy cow great shots what a explore well done
  9. Superb looking buildings looks a cracking explore
  10. Nice pictures like the looks of this place
  11. Gorgeous shots of a great looking place