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  1. was a good site the police van on the way out was funny glad he didnt see us
  2. did you find an old cycle light i lost in there about 15 years ago b4 the main entrance was bricked up, and did u not go to the 3 other tunnels while u were there just along the cliff on the way to deal there is also a see cave about 1/2 mile on the way to dover this one needs to be dun when the tide is going out as u only have 45 min inside or u will be trapped inside for 12 hrs if the tide is not to high if is a v high tide u will be in water up to ur neck till low tide don't recommend this one unless u no the tides well and where the entrance is WARNING YOU COULD DROWN DOING THIS ONE WRONG anyone wants a look let me no spent a lot of time down there as a child and know it well thanks
  3. this site is now all gone knocking it down at the moment
  4. we did wait til sunday for you and didnt go on sat didnt do much as lots of people still onsite
  5. we did part of east demi the upper part the hudsons gate was locked and is locked up again all with no keys lol and wil be getting in to the lower part of demi soon there is always a way in lol when u have a mooch
  6. my self scrim and mooch which i must say need to be in the private part to c this well after a long walk and climb up to hudson's and then down into east ditch oooo gate in to hudson's (photos to follow thanks to mooch 4 the pics and fluff will up load as he isn't in privet yet ) nice place v interesting and from there part of east demi found locked door in to demi tunnels no access at the moment but hope to go back soon to do the rest of demi but have walk round the east dich part. then back up the wall and down 2 v large banks v slippy with frost by this time and back to the car parked in lay by down NR hudson's on driving back in to Dover in the coach park by spur 2 police cars searching outer cars in car park mmmmmmmm what going on here if we had parked there would have been nicked with all the gear we had on us so if u plan to co to the castle soon be warned they are watching this place i thing was v good night thanks scrim for the lift and mooch for his interesting skills ??????........photos to follow come on fluff do your job b lol
  7. nice one m8 looks like fun will have to come up soon
  8. video clip and lots more but i not paying for this lol http://www.itnsource.com/compilations/f ... =S13110601
  9. http://www.comparethemeerkat.com/home.html funny
  10. this is a fun site we did go to this site about 7 months ago had fun in the animal crates and in the bunkers would like to go back some time