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  1. As always, I love the decaying places more! Love all these shots, great stuff
  2. That burnt stair case shot is a favourite! Cant beat a good school explore!
  3. This place never fails to morbidly facinate me! Could look at those photos for hours!
  4. Wow, love these shots! The second one is my favourite! The painting is playing tricks with my eyes though, anyone else see the half skeletal face on the one leaning on the chair!?
  5. I love a nice rotten, grimy explore! This ticks my boxes, love the shots! Especially the coridoor with the heart grafitti
  6. I quite like a nice trashed location, theres still some nice little gems dotted about there by the looks of it! Love the shots!
  7. Glad you didnt give up! This place looks awesome, nice work!
  8. Wow, these shots are amazing, love them all!
  9. This is fantastic, the third photo is definately up there on my all time favourites! Its always great to see so much left at a location! Great explore!
  10. The arches are simply out of this world! I would dearly love to see this for myself! Beauitfully captured!
  11. LOVE the silhouette shot! They're all brilliant though
  12. Love the closeups! This gave me something to ponder over for a good while! Although 'lift flaps' did make me giggle like a schoolgirl.
  13. Its interesting to see how its faired since I visited a few years back, even if the missing mirrors do make me weep a little But I agree, I hope the restorative work does it justice!
  14. These make my eyes happy! Haha, really nice set, especially the stair shot. Looks like a great explore!
  15. When I got here it wasnt as squeaky clean as this, and the scales had gone Nice photos and brought back some fun memories!!