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  1. Various bits of cobbled together footage from exploring metro systems in London and overseas. (The end bit at Aldwych is an in-joke). https://vimeo.com/31108510 There's stuff from New York and skyscrapers and stuff on the account, as well as a trip to North Korea. I rarely film, so not much on there.
  2. I would advise getting a friend/job at the North Face store in Covent Garden
  3. Aldwych has two tunnels from Holborn, the original one you allude to is broken up into sections. It's where they shot the Prodigy 'Firestarter' video, as well as in one of the disused lift shafts. We tried to re-create it, but i don't think the video ever made the light of day. Probably for the best
  4. I heard they were working on this again, seems quite advanced now.
  5. That scaff is quite, obsessive! The observation gallery you photographed from below and inside on B side, you haven't missed anything. It's been like that since they removed the roof in the late 80s. There was a board that covered the access to the crane from a stairwell, from the crane you could drop down into that gallery. My favourite room there, is the ground floor room with all the failed project plans and other junk. Probably all long gone now.