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  1. I love finding places like this too, gives you more of a feel for the place and clues to who lived there
  2. Thanks alot mate, haha i know right. loads of clocks in these old houses lol.
  3. Another mad trip to Wales with Tom earlier in the year, We found ourselves searching for a few tweed mills amongst a few other places; The 1st mill was okay, had a few nice things to snap but not much colour going on, We grabbed a few shots and headed off to the next one. After a bit of guidence from some lovely locals we were heading the right way and soon enough we came across the entry point - shall we say. Those who know that the entry to the 2nd mill is rather fun but you could end up getting very wet (there is an easier way) But we wanted to go the fun way, so now inside the 2nd mill we were greeted with lots and lots of lovely bright colours, So out came the 50mm and we started getting some pics, I dont often use my 50mm so I forget how good it is sometimes, it always seems to give a nice sharp image. Now on with some pics Mill one, Mill two, Hope you guys enjoy the pics :-)
  4. Somewhere north of me is this lovely abandoned farm house, Filled with lots of items from years ago, Lovely old camera was a nice find too. Downstairs was a tad too dark to say the least, so all these pics are from the upstairs. Was a nice way to finish waht had been a rather rubbish day to be honest. Thanks for looking :-)
  5. haha I love HDR tbh. not to everyones taste i know
  6. haha HDR has been around for years, Ive used it since day one just about
  7. From what i can remember this place wasnt in a rough area and we parked the car right outside. wish i could remember where it was lol
  8. I dont know too much history on this place, all i know is that it was a village hall and at one time and it must of been used as a church or something like that. The downstairs was in fairly good condition whilst upstairs there were signs of more decay and a few dodgy floors. The main hallway wouldnt look out of place in a french chateau, had a real euro feel about it. My visit, early on a sunday morning me and Tom headed out to see this place, knowing the way in, we headed for the entry point and were soon inside. The 1st room you enter is the room that must of been used for church services of some description. We get the cameras out and start taking our pics, I went to the main hallway and got a few pics whilst Tom was in the main room, Then i hear this noise like a piano or keyboard, I go to tell tom and as I enter the main room I can see Tom in the corner and he had discovered a working organ of sorts. So I took the opitunity to do an Urbex Attenbourough video (see my FB page Urbex Attenbourough for the videos) Then continued to take some pics upstairs. My favorite part was deffo the room with the bath in and half the floor missing. We then packed our stuff away and moved onto the next location. Now on with the pics...... Thanks for looking guys :-)
  9. Very nice buddy. lovely crisp, sharp pics. Loads of detail, What camera you shooting with out of interest?
  10. Yeah i wouldnt like to go there now that for sure, know a few who have been and had their ear bent by the strong arm of the law. Should imagine renovations are well under way tbh, and at least its being put to good use too