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  1. The Location: A pretty standard and uninteresting history on this place considering it hasn’t even finished construction yet. Plans suggest that it will be an 8 storey building, offering office space, however, progress has thus far been slow and the finish date remains unknown. A construction value is yet to be decided. It seems not all is going well… Perhaps they should have thought about building another student accommodation block. The Event: Deciding to have one last hurrah, we quickly went in search of a crane. Maybe it’s the landscape view you get from these that just makes it a fitting goodbye? Well, we quickly found one that seemed well sheltered once up there, which seemed like a good idea since it was blowing a gale. It didn’t have razor wire around it either, so we set up camp and began the wait… You know, the kind of wait you only have when you want to hop over a wall, and suddenly the midnight street is bustling with life. The lights were on inside and with the wind howling we could barely hear one other, let alone tell if anyone was inside, but after waiting long enough for the street to clear we decided to just wing it and hopped over the wall and onto the scaff. Thankfully, though, the place was empty, allowing us to seek shelter inside the building as we searched for a way to the roof, in search of the crane. Sadly, it was purely a construction site inside, so there were a lot of bare walls, cables strewn around the place, and a severe lack of anything interesting around the place. Anyway, once we reached the roof, we quickly discovered our error; to get to the crane we needed to be on the ground floor in the centre of the complex. But, so we didn’t waste time trekking back down all the stairs again without any rewards we felt it only appropriate to take some roof shots. Following some debate on the roof, after taking a few photos and mooching around a bit, we decided to call this one quits. It was windy as fuck and my hands were cold. We decided instead to make our exit and get a drink! I think it was wise decision as I couldn’t even feel my hands by the time we got down, and after looking at the photos when we had the drinks lined up, the crane was clearly moving on its axis. The crane: Out towards the hotel and city centre: City shot: Crane again: City shot opposite side: