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  1. NIce pics kev good first report!
  2. History: Sunnyside Royal Hospital, originally called the Montrose Asylum, was a psychiatric hospital located north of Montrose in Scotland. Sunnyside was the second site for the local psychiatric hospital in Angus. The original Montrose Asylum, which was the first asylum in Scotland, was funded by public subscription established by local woman Susan Carnegie and opened in 1781. Expanding patient numbers led to the purchase of a new site in Hillside and the current hospital buildings opened in 1857. The site was further developed with the construction of a new facility for private patients called Carnegie House in 1899. Despite this addition, overcrowding was a problem, as the asylum’s patient numbers had grown to 670 by 1900. Two new buildings – Howden Villa (1901) and Northesk Villa (1904) – were added. Additional staff were recruited and the Westmount Cottages were built in 1905 to house them. In 1911 the lease of Sunnyside Farm expired and over 52 acres were purchased for £4500. A further development was the addition of Angus House, which was built in 1939 to accommodate elderly patients suffering from dementia. From the 1970s, advances in psychiatric care and greater community resources, including supported accommodation and the set up of three community mental health teams in the 1990s, led to reduced patient numbers and the closure of some of the buildings on the Sunnyside site. The whole site was officially closed in late 2011 and most patients were sent to a new £20 million build at Stracathro Hospital (also in Angus) - the Susan Carnegie Centre. Others were placed in the community. Sunnyside was open for 230 years before its closure, and was the oldest psychiatric hospital in Scotland. Visit: Covering the whole place Vastly in around 8 hours and probably missing some parts out was definitely worth the 12 hour-round trip. Hearing people mentioning silent alarms, secca & police in other reports had me a little skeptical about how short our explore would be, But with a week of planning and very early darting the explore was a success!! Another one ticked off my list! Visisted with a non member. also a thanks to @AndyK! for some info. top man. 1) The front of the hospital 2) Glass corridor 3) One of the main corridors in the main building 4) The main hall 5) Curtains left hanging in a ward 6) Corridors of the many isolation cell wards 7) 8) 9) 10) A different ward from the Infirmary 11) Violent patients would have their teeth removed to minimize "biting" 12) Body Fridge 13) Body fridge with a body lift 14) The chapel of rest 15) Main chapel with pews removed 16) Zodiac roof from the doctors Billiards room 17) More isolation cells in the basement 18) Marble floors are Popular in the outer buildings Thanks for looking GK WAX
  3. Nice one sndy! Excellant pics, lovely original condition
  4. This is amazing, thanks for sharing
  5. info: The camp school opened in 1938, providing outdoor activities to the younger generation from the pendle borough and beyond. Whitehough is a 22-acre outdoor education centre set in the picturesque countryside. The facility sleeps 64 in a two-dormitory set-up and an additional 16 in an on-site lodge. The site has two classrooms, a large dining room and an extensive camping field. As well as this, Whitehough hosts an 80-seater conference suite, suitable for training and presentations. It closed in August 2015 The decision to close the school was a difficult one the county council had been faced with to achieve some huge savings they needed to make. Question remains over the future of the camp. The centre with dormitorys on either side The classrooms Inside one of the dormitorys The outdoor apparatus Conference rooms, kitchen and workshop Thanks for looking GK WAX
  6. @Lenston no Kwan didn't scare us off but the walking was abit more than "just up the road & not far now" it was a good day ole round
  7. Looks decent that mate, shame I couldn't be there
  8. hello everyone over here on oblivion state! i'm GK WAX from the other forum 28dl, some may of heard of me, some may not. But hey nice to meet you! i recently met @Lenston over at moel fferna for a mission down the mine and he invited me over here to join. I go exploring whenever i can and almost anywhere possible. il post up some of my work as of when i get time, it may take a while and probably been covered anyway.. but what the hell. thanks GK WAX
  9. History:Not much on this place to be honest, just a typical high school. Opened in the 1950's im lead to believe and closed in 2010 due to burnley council mixing schools and putting two schools into one and having one name. The building has been derelict ever since. Plans was to demolish the building but im unsure why they havent gone ahead with it. If anyone has or can find more appropriate info then it would be greatly appreciated.The visit:visited with a mate of mine one evening and after asking the local teens how to get in, they pointed us in the right direction .The access was a nightmare and we did get spotted by some dog walkers but that didn't stop us, once inside we had a quick look around but night was falling so the pics wasn't really any good. all the classrooms had been smashed to bits and not worth taking pics of.A few days later i went back on MY OWN to take better pictures in the daylight, i was sh*tting myself being in such a massive building on my own not knowing who could be inside but the buzz and confidence soon kicked in! i also used a different access point which resulted in injury on the way out. pictures as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.Thanks for lookingGK WAX
  10. History: The impressive Skinburness Hotel was built in 1878 by cumbrian architect charles ferguson at a cost of £22,000, for the family of Edwin Hodge Banks of Wigton where his family owned a small cotton mill. He enjoyed the lifestyle of a wealthy country gentlemen, keeping his 30-foot steam yacht, The Neptune, moored nearby. He was declared bankrupt in 1889 and vanished from the area. The hotel has since passed through many hands. It was run by the government, as part of the Carlisle State Management Scheme between 1916 and 1971. After this period, it never really regained its original glory. It has been closed since 2006 as business wasn't booming and the owners declared themselves bankrupt. it was bought in december 2007 for £450,000 by Northstar capital projects. Their plan was demolish the buildings and build a 64 room retirement home but the plans did not go ahead. It still stands Derelict. The visit: while i was on my caravan holiday in Siloth, i stumbled across this place and knew it wasn't to be missed. As i walked into the hotel gardens i came across a German shepherd, luckily it didn't see me and i snook back out onto the main road. I was thinking it was a guard dog or similar but after looking for secca it turns out it was an old ladys and she was just on her morning walk. Access was easy and didn't have to look very hard. Once inside, the place was Dark, Dull and Demolished with the carpets ripped apart and floorboards taken up. The metal thieves have had a right good field day with the place. Hearing the wind coming through the broken windows on the upper floors can send you mind tripping into thinking your not alone with all the noise. Unfortunately the ground floor is in darkness as the windows have been boarded up so all the pics was taken with the flash. Did this one solo whilst the other half took our dog to the local park! Front view of the hotelMain entranceMain staircaseReceptionKitchenSwimming pool & JacuzziBar areaBallroom ( roof has collapsed)Stairs leading to some of the roomssome of the rooms....Drink anyone?Rear view of hotelThanks for LookingGK WAX
  11. History: The Bull & Butcher pub and Ashoka restaurant was very popular throughout Burnley with its well known bonfires and delicious Indian cuisine, Sadly the recession hit and ceased trading in 2010. The building has been empty since but was in the media last year due to an arson attack which caused damage to an outer building at the rear of the property. There has been plans very recent to re-open as a Italian creating 33 full time jobs. the visit: This place was not one i had in mind but thought to check it out to see if it was accessible and to my surprise it was! after years of being borded up with sheets of metal. It had a calm atmosphere and being on my own thats how i wanted it. spending time taking photos and remembering the yummy currys i had here. Thanks for looking. GK WAX
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone