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  1. I like the brutalist look to the place. Like you say it's unusual, but pretty cool!
  2. Whitley Bridge Mill was originally built in 1870s by John and Thomas Croysdale. Powered by electricity and steam, the mill utilised roller milling, a technique that had revolutionised the flour industry. For more than 100 years the mill was owned by James Bowman & Sons Ltd. Bowmans ceased operations at the mill in 2016 after making the decision to move away from flour milling, and the mill was subsequently closed. Much of the machinery and equipment had been sold at auction, and extensive damaged caused to the building during the removal of the equipment. However enough remained to make this an interesting visit. The building is like a maze, and we kept find more and more bits every time we thought we'd covered the entire place. Visited with @The Amateur Wanderer. Archive image of the mill The mill as it stands today Autoroller roller mills More roller mills The roller mills were the main machinery in the flour milling process One of the few remaining original windows, although now with a metal sheet covering The laboratory was quite interesting Note the Bowmans logo used to form a pattern in the tiles Rear exterior and silos Fuel pumps
  3. Nice that Trev, some cool cars in that collection.
  4. Some interesting places there, looks like you've been busy over there! Nice to see you posting again.
  5. Hi there, welcome! Thanks for signing up, feel free to post up some reports from anywhere you've visited
  6. Hi, welcome to Oblivion State! Thanks for joining, and feel free to post up some pics from the places you find
  7. Wow that's a lot of pics! But worth is for this place which looks huge and has some really impressive bits. Cracking job.
  8. Freaky place to look around, but very interesting and great pics too.
  9. Good to see this part of the site covered, there's so much around there!
  10. An interesting place to look around, and looks great in the mist
  11. This is great! Love the retro vibes here
  12. Some cool stuff in there, love the hall.