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  1. Welcome to the forum, thanks for posting. That's a nice place, and good use of the available light in your shots too. 👍
  2. Indeed, I have heard about those which was why I asked. Glad it didn't go that way for you
  3. Some nice pics there, shame your visit was cut short. Any problems, or all ok in the end?
  4. Loved this place so much! Cracking photos there monkey boy
  5. That's a cool old theatre! Can you add an approximate location and approximate date to the title please - also is the UK location tag correct? I can fix these for you if preferred, just let me know
  6. I really like the style of your pictures, and I also really like the style of this building - it's a shame it's been demolished
  7. That's cool, I like how nature is reclaiming the track
  8. Nice pics there, loving the light beams
  9. Cracking pics. I love that tree out the front!
  10. Never seen this before, nice one Trev!
  11. This is absolutely fantastic! I love the textures and colours.
  12. Awesome job! The place is looking pretty tidy at the moment.