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  1. Some really nice views there
  2. Some lovely shots there mate
  3. Some nice tits bits in there - cool staircase
  4. Nice mate. Can't beat a builder bum shot ūü§£
  5. That's definitely worse than bagged beef. I don't think I'd last long there either
  6. Wow, now that's quite some control room, really early adoption of the idea of centralised controls there.
  7. Oh what?!! I'm gutted about that. Although the place was wide open so not all that surprising.
  8. Interesting to see. I can't say bags of beef look particularly appetising
  9. Interesting place, that bar for starters is intriguing.
  10. I know how time consuming this place is, no I'm not surprised you've found bits I (and everyone else) missed! Nice job there mate.
  11. Really nice, that. The old decaying control room is wonderful
  12. Looks like there's still some interesting stuff to look through here
  13. I can't say I was particularly taken with this place last year, but you've done a good job here, and maybe it's more interesting than I remember!