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  1. Hi Alex, thanks for joining. Please note we do not accept shares of YouTube videos here on Oblivion State. Feel free to post up photographic reports including a written history, but any video-only reports will be removed
  2. That's a good first post (just needs an approximate visit date adding to the title please ) Welcome to OS - loving the username!
  3. Interesting site, cheers. Good description.
  4. Report looks good - nice one (although you should be adding a date to the title too - just month and year, but now I sound like I'm nagging!) That swimming pool is cool!
  5. Some really interesting shots there
  6. Hi welcome along! Feel free to post up some reports
  7. Perfect, thanks. Report looks great now, thanks for sharing and sorting that
  8. Those projectors 😍 Really nice place there
  9. Wow what a fantastic car graveyard, the overgrowth is really cool.
  10. You do really need to post the images directly into your report - either via uploading them to the forum, or by embedding them from Flickr. We have a guide here that will help you embed images from Flickr into your report:
  11. Hey Dacki, welcome along to OS. I'm glad you're enjoying the forum, and we're looking forward to seeing some pictures of your own 😊
  12. Fantastic find, looks like everything was pretty much still left behind.
  13. How interesting, it's crazy how much decoration is left yet all collapsing.
  14. Beautiful! The externals are fantastic and inside is simply stunning. Cracking job there.
  15. Woah! That's all I have to say!
  16. Very nice, and interesting access! Just needs month and year of visit adding to the title please.
  17. Some really nice pictures there, interesting to see. Is this open to the public or is this area usually off limits?
  18. Fantastic, and very atmospheric. I like this a lot.