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  1. Ascending Struck A Nerve MB-1 Abbazia di Adorazione Q and The Mother Effing Catwalk
  2. A play on the word "urbex" and my first name...Angel + Urbex = AEBEX
  3. Rusty and crusty mole,,.thanks bro
  4. Such a bad-ass Scatter...Thanks my bro
  5. Hoping to get back there soon mde,and thank you.
  6. A friend of mine tried to hit it a month ago and told me about some sensors that were set up around the PoE and he bailed..I forgot to mention to him that the sensors are dummies..Yikes. If ever you're around bro, we'll hit it together
  7. The rust and decay was bonkers Wevsky, utter rust bucket.
  8. Thank you klempner69 for your wonderful comments.