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  1. This ominous building once served as the power plant for the Central State Mental Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
  2. Video report from Kentucky in the United States. This is an early 20th century stone house that was ironically purchased recently by a stone quarry company adjacent to the property. This house is quite rugged and I don't believe much could bring it down, they would have to bring out their biggest wrecking ball for this one lol. Hope you all enjoy
  3. Thanks so much @The_Raw, @hamtagger, @Merryprankster for your kind words. It's a house in my hometown, and had some help from the local historical preservation society to gain access and to gather the information I needed for the narration. The far left column does look as thoough it's close to coming down @hamtagger, it needed an estimated 1 million dollars in renovation, and thats definitely part of that estimate. @Merryprankster, I'm glad you enjoyed it even though videos usually arent your thing, I appreciate that.
  4. Thanks for the welcome Lenston, I've been looking for a forum on which to share my explorations and this seems like a great place already. There's no shortage of abandoned and decaying locations in my area of the US, and I really enjoy documenting them in a way that others will hopefully enjoy.
  5. Hi everyone, this is the historic Fisher-Byington House in Danville, Kentucky. It's a large, brick antebellum mansion that is sadly slated for demolition in the coming weeks. It would have been saved most likely had it not been for the fact that it now finds itself located in the middle of a business district, and not among other homes of its era.