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  1. I really liked this, unfortunately I worked in one for a few years fixing machinery. recognise a few bits of equipment. great set of photos.
  2. https://www.oblivionstate.com/forum/topic/7913-chinese-market-taiwan-jan-2015/ is the marketfrom a few years ago. I only had a spare day there with work, so never got anything more done than this and the hospital. Wish i got to do more over there.
  3. Did you look at the chinease market in Tainan? It was full of dusty old arcade machines when I went there with work about 5 years ago. Loved seeing the hospital again. great reports.
  4. Thats amazing, I'd love to see it. I agree with AndyK, that last room is a stunner.
  5. I do like that hallway. nicely done mate.