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  1. So I was asked numerous times on Facebook and Twitter about my photos and how I edit them, so I decided to make a video about it and show the entire process. My process of editing my photos is usually: 1. Lightroom 2. HDR Efex Pro 3. Sharpening 4. Color Efex Pro And this is the video showing the entire process, hope I can help somebody with it.
  2. Btw, I would also consider the Sigma 8-16mm UWA, not a fisheye but damn what do I love that 8mm!
  3. Hey there, I'm Sinister Suspect but you can also call me by my name 'Kaj', I'm from a large working-class city from the Netherlands called Rotterdam and I've been exploring since 2011. As a kid I always used to play in the abandoned machine factory in my neighborhood, but it was when I bought my first DSLR in 2011 when things really started off. I never even knew about the whole term 'urban exploring' until 2014, but when I saw that there actually were plenty of other people shooting similar locations I was amazed. Up until then I had only explored in the Netherlands, but I quickly realized that I had an urbex hotspot just to the south of me: Belgium. Me and one of my best mates decided to go on a tour and do some spots in Belgium and we had the time of our lives haha. The weekend after that we bought a second camera for my mate and did another trip, from then I've been completely hooked, constantly in search for possible locations to explore. So that's how I arrived here, in search for places to share my photos and tell the story about my adventures. So far I'm liking this place a lot! Some might have seen some of my photos before (I was called 'artfxurbex' first), but I have changed my name to Sinister Suspect for a more coherent feel. Please leave a like on my Facebook page Or follow me on Instagram Or follow me on Flickr Or take a look on my new website where I post my full location reports I hope I'm gonna be around here quite often, although I'm quite the busy guy. For now, I'll include a photo I'm really happy with, shot in a dark basement of an abandoned bathhouse:
  4. I figured it was time to post my first report! Probably one which has passed by here quite some times already, but I guess this place just never gets boring. Abandoned for over 15 years now, because a new and more modern resort opened it's doors nearby. The health resort / bathhouse opened it's doors in 1868 and at the time counted a total of 58 bathtubs. This was quite a luxurious place and attracted wealthy and royal visitors from all over Western Europe. What great fun we had exploring this place, we arrived very early in the morning right after sunrise. We made our way straight to the entrance hall to catch the light falling in. For a more detailed report plus even more photos you can take a look on my website by clicking the link below. I felt it would be a bit overkill to post ALL the photos in this post. Click here for the full location report on my website Thanks for taking a look!
  5. Well up until now all my explores have been shot on a Canon 550D with a Sigma 8-16mm lens, 18-50mm or my trusty Samyang 8mm fisheye. However end last year I won a new camera and lens with a photobook about urbex, so from this year on all my explores will be shot on a Canon 6D with my new Sigma 24-35 ƒ2 ART lens or my Samyang 14mm lens. I'm still looking into upgrading the Samyang 14mm to the Sigma 12-24mm UWA, which is a fullframe equivalent to my crop sensor Sigma 8-16mm.
  6. I do all my video work with Adobe Premiere and After Effects, but for basic editing that might be overkill, go with Sony Vegas instead, that should do the job.
  7. Thanks mate, will post a report soon when I have some time off music work... Yeah I developed my English language because I teach music producers worldwide about how to improve the productions, most of my 'students' (I hate to call them like that xD) are from the US so that's how I got my English language.
  8. Ohh this is pretty interesting and indeed that wooden path looks a bit dodgy haha, although I would probably still walk it. xD This reminds me of some bridges I used to explore when I was younger, we used to sneak underneath the local bridge and climb between the beams. It was nice being a kid.
  9. Hey there, welcome! Fellow Dutchman here! It's indeed the case that most of our country is too tidy for abandonment, but if you look well you will find stuff. For me I started with some small houses and farms, but last year I managed to find 2 industrial locations in my own hometown (and I thought the Netherlands was too tidy lol). So long story short, it's not a urbex walhalla, but there is still enough to be found out there.