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  1. I have one of these in my kitchen and it works spot on. Nice photos
  2. Hi all. This is Elvet baths or should i say what remains of what looked to been a gorgeous building... The building was officially opened in September 1932. Its situated off Old Elvet, Durham, has stood empty since being replaced by the £12.3m Freeman’s Quay leisure centre in July 2008. Having a look threw some local new paper site It was due to be demolished under Banks Developments and Esh Group’s plans to build homes, offices and a restaurant at Elvet Waterside but the scheme fell victim to the recession and the building has fell in to disrepair and has fell victim to endless amounts of graffti and vandalism. THE EXPLORE I went up by myself which was a silly mistake as i decided to cut my hand open on the window on the way in... didnt realise until i got in i thought my hand was a bit wet... to look down to drops of blood the floor. So... me and the lads went up a couple of days later and manage to find a must easier access point (Thanks to the local kids that were on there way out as we went in ) There is two decent sizes pool areas, some change areas, offices and and roof access Here are some of the photos i took on the look around Enjoy! Thanks For Looking
  3. Hi All. This was our first explore of the year and also this is my first report on Oblivion State. I heard about this place threw the forums and also we wanted to head down the Sheffield, Wakefield, Huddersfield area as it seem to be a hot spot for some good explores. I went down at the weekend before to have a look around and i quickly walked around the outside and before id even got to my car i was getting questioned by the car park security. He was a friendly enough guy and even said he could get me access but where is the fun in that? So fast forward to the following weekend and a nice quiet Sunday. LITTLE HISTORY ON THE PLACE as im sure most of your know The Hospital was founded in 1831 with the carlile wing been opened in 1902 The site incorporates 10 buildings ranging from Grade 2 listed Hospital buildings to modern blocks of classrooms. The former Ramsden Technical College moved on to the New North Road site of the former Huddersfield Royal Infirmary in 1967.The college paid £105,000 for the site. In September 1968 the first students began lectures at New North Road.The first new bulding on the site opened in 1969.The main new block was built in 1971 - the year the college became Huddersfield Technical College By 1978 there were more than 8,000 students studying at the site.In 2008 Huddersfield Technical College merged with Dewsbury College to form Kirklees College The College moved into a new purpose build waterfront development in 2013 which will welcome 20K Students. The old site has been purchased by Oldham based Wiggett Construction Company for an undisclosed sum. Plans for the future of the site are expected to be unveiled early in 2016 but the developers are expected to create a mixed use site featuring residential, retails and leisure uses. THE EXPLORE Access was pretty much straight forward thank to vandals who like to smash windows. Quite an interesting building and its an absolute maze causing a couple of "oh shit where are we" moments. As it mentions in the history it say its been a Hospital/College but we also seen logos on the walls to do with the local police? Can anybody expand on this? Quite a bit of stuff left behind in a lot of the rooms. Also a very interesting basement and boiler room. Any way we all had a good day and there is a lot take in... so here is some photo that i took along the way... to record our look around.... Enjoy! Thanks For Looking
  4. Hi all, I'm from Billingham in the North east. I've been exploring for a couple of year with friends and also solo ventures. Pretty much got in to urbex due to my love of local history which includes the odd old buildings near to where I live. i got my camera as present and after getting use to the settings it has pretty much been used for urbex since. We have done quiet a few explore locally and a bit futher afield so will get the photos posted up for you's to enjoy. We have a few planned for the coming weeks and these with also be posted for all to see. Me and the lads have a page on fb where we put some of our photos for people to see called UrbexD3day, below is a couple of our photos. Cheers Dubgav14