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  1. Wakefield Maternity Hospital (1935 - 1992) Manygates Hospital (1948 - c.1981) This is the only block left along with the Manygates house. As the contract stated these have to be renovated and the firm wants to now knock them down they have been left.We can only guess what will happen to them soon as it too often the case. Manygates Hospital was formerly Wakefield Corporation Maternity Hospital, situated in Blenheim Road, Wakefield. It transferred to Manygates Park, Barnsley Road in 1935. The hospital closed in 1992 and transferred to Pinderfields Hospital for a short period. Maternity services in Wakefield ended in 2000. Records survive from 1919 - 1977, these include staff registers (1928-1855) patient registers 1919 - 1971 and administration/finance records (1919-1950). Later records for Manygates Hospital (c.1960s - 2000) were destroyed by the hospital trust.
  2. hi my names Rich am from Pontefract hope you all alright
  3. Origanally opened as a doctors surgery when the doctor retired he left the building to the people of south kirkby.Then it was turned into a club which had turns on every week and was successful until the pits shut. There was a st johns ambulance first aider coarse run upstairs in the club around the year 1992. Local company Empress Leisure, who succesfully bought and refurbished the Beeches Club in Hemsworth, which was then trading successfully, took over the club in April 2006 and said "The club is very much like The Beeches, run down due to pit closures and the general (financial) climate change in the area. "The club has struggled for some years and was on the verge of closure. The club consists of a 230-seat concert room, tap room, lounge, games room and a beer garden.Dukeries entertainment acted as booking agents. Dukeries already acted for The Beeches Club, in Hemsworth, and their company act for clubland stars like Mynx, Relish, Tony Wallace and many other top acts. Sadly the club shut a few year later and has been stood derelict ever since.