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  1. awesome stuff. Love HFB, you have covered the place well.
  2. thats really nice that mate. Love this sort of thing.
  3. As others have said, I cant believe its still standing and being posted. If it wasnt so wet im sure it would have been burnt to the ground by now!!
  4. thats really cool mate. I'd like to see this...really need to get out to Italy this year!
  5. doesnt look like its changed much on the inside i'd have thought it would be a right mess by now. good effort
  6. welcome back mate, very long time no speak. Im sure I will catch you out and about at some point
  7. you did well to get in here midday and not get caught. photos came out good too.
  8. Wow, that place has gone seriously downhill. Good to see something more from the place though, Don't think I have seen any reports except The_Raws
  9. lovely shots. And good effort narrowing this one down! was good to get in there after we thought we were looking in the wrong place. Liking the fisheye shots
  10. Definitely worth taking a good look around these places as it usually pays off. I wouldn't mind going again, we had limited time as it was a pretty full trip but I am sure this place still has more to offer.
  11. While on a euro derp trip with Starlight to tick off some of the bits on our list we were given the heads up by The_raw that there was a disused steelworks not far from some of the other bits we planned to visit. We didn’t really have much information about the place or anything to go off except The_Raw saying he walked in and didn’t see any one. We arrived to a load of temporary fencing around the site and some neighbouring industrial units still open with workers watching the two possible ways we had found to get onsite. After some walking around we managed to find a way into the main steel works. It was very much a case of…’the lights are on, but no one is home’. Everything was powered up and running, including the water in the urinal in the middle of the factory, & multiple gas heaters keeping the equipment heated to the required temperatures. We cautiously took a look around while sure someone would appear from a room at any moment, then upon entering the control room we were greeted with some French reggae blasting through the speaker system. After we had walked around for a few hours we decided to leave and check on another location just down the road. A sign indicted that this was the Foundry and actually a much older building owned by the same company. Despite being much older and partially stripped, there was still lights on, control panels flashing and control rooms powered up (although these were locked up tight). It took us ages to find a way into the older building but persistence paid off and I’m glad we took a look as there was a pretty nice turbine in the building and some cool control panels. Visited with Starlight Thanks for looking
  12. nice photos mate. I am impressed that I did this place well over a year ago now yet it doesn't look like anything has changed in there except a few things going missing. Its a really nice building and location...I'd love to have this as my house.
  13. such a good place this and still felt very much live when we did it a few years back. As the RAW said, I don't think I have seen anything from the control room yet. We never found it.
  14. top notch mate. Good to see your photos at last