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  1. Very nice shots, I like the tones! But number 8 is just awesome..that light!
  2. Thank you! You can find a few more on Flickr, in case you haven't seen the full set yet, but I try to be very selective on my keepers so the Flickr set is all I have from this place plus I haven't been very active lately, I'll try to go shoot and post something new soon! Again, thank you all for your support
  3. Wow, cool location! And I love the mood in the second-to-last pic!
  4. Thank you!! This is a rather popular location and I've been told foreign explorers regularly visit it, could be why these look familiar to you and everybody has taken a picture of those abandoned computers lol
  5. This is absolutely wonderful!! 1st one is my favourite
  6. Thanks, Andy! Originality in the composition of my shots is what I feel I struggle with the most, so I appreciate your comment very much
  7. Wow, good job! I'm looking forward to visiting Non Plus Ultra, I know they do guided tours there but the way you did it must be more interesting
  8. Thank you guys, I'm really glad you like them!
  9. Who thought I'd manage to post an entire set! This huge cotton mill was operated by one of the most important Italian textile companies and was abandoned in 2002. There are actually very few details available on this particular site's history, as the company initially started production in a nearby city and gradually acquired new plants. Although some of the buildings have been damaged by the rain and by (more than one) fire and despite the easy entrance, several mannequins, spools, paintings, printed textile samples, original drawings and who knows what else are still there untouched - quite surprisingly if you ask me! I plan on going back there soon as a half-day exploration was barely enough to cover half of the buildings! The infirmary: If you'd like to see the whole set, you can find it here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/neurojuice/albums/72157666964381081
  10. Beautiful, very cool report! Those boilers remind me of Abe's (Abe's Oddysee) face
  11. Thank you guys @Lenston, I live in the province of Varese (not far from Milan), which is a fantastic area for urban exploration!
  12. Hi everyone! My name is Claudia and I live in the north of Italy. I've been visiting abandoned places since about 2008, but only recently I've started getting more serious about my interest in photography and urbex locations are one of the things I enjoy shooting. Still seeing myself as a beginner, I find it very hard to share sets because I always end up throwing away a good 80% of the pictures I take any comments, critiques and suggestions will be most appreciated! I hope I'll be showing you something interesting soon! You can find me on FB/500px/Flickr as Neurojuice Cheers!