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  1. Hey guys and girls, We got ourselfs a drone and this is the first footage we shot. Doel is a small village in north-east Belgium, next to Antwerp. Since the anouncement of expanding the port of Antwerp, wich eventually would make the village disapear, many of the inhabitants left the village. On December 31, 2007 there were still 359 people in Doel, on December 31, 2010 only 188 and in 2013 barely 28, and by now it is completly abandoned. hope you guys like it, and thanks for watching!
  2. Hello Urbex friends! We had a visit at a very beautiful location on our last trip! This time we went to France and visited Chateau des Singes, there was very little information about this location so please if you have some information let me know! Enjoy watching. -FandFmovies
  3. Hello Urbex people, A quick video of Grand moulins de Paris, a HUGE factory build in 1921 and shut down in the 80's. I think this was the biggest and most impressive location we have been to this far, and also the most dangerous.... Enjoy watching!
  4. Amazing shots, they indeed wrecked the place If you compare this to what it is now. Shitty vandals!
  5. Hey guys and girls, A quick video of Charbonnage du Renard. A former coal mine later used as a storage for old cars.
  6. Hey everyone, We are FandFmovies from the Netherlands, father and son. We do urbex for quite some time now, but since a short time we started documenting it on video and photography. if you would like to see some of our work already you could give our website a visit http://www.fritspix.nl/ also we will do some trip reports now and then! This is a video of our last trip to Belgium: