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  1. thank you session for saving a few snippets of the works,i was a welder there,nice to Se the old lock ups with the workers number x name,mine was 8318,i was based in 40 area welding shop but as a welder got to work throughout the whole works,it was about one mile long teaming with busy skilled workers,2000 in my days,at one point 4000,i rebuilt a lovely matchless g9 caf racer in the works,no money changed hands only ciggys that was the curency within the works,it sold to a yank last year for £10 grand.twink

  2. hamtag,thank you so much for the picks of the works in wolverton,i worked there in the 70s,there were 2000 of us beavering away repairing trains and building new carages,i actualy went to the works last year to se if they still had the welders you have captured in your picky,they had an unusual single carbon rod atatchment that i have never come across again,and ive been welding over 50yrs,they told me they had been scraped 2weeks befor,i was gutted.twink

  3. i worked at wolverton as a welder in 40 area,i have used the very welders in one of the pickys,they were used for a single carbon pannel welding,thank you