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  1. Not too bad, I had a couple of pointers from an admin here which were most appreciated though I didn't get to all he suggested. I did a factory and hotel on the way up, stumbled on a torpedo range (already posted here) as I looked for a house which I couldn't find. Located a couple of duds and places that were no longer worth taking photos of, but then found a WWII Hospital in the glorious Scottish sun (Pissing rain) so only half explored that. I plan to go back next year and try again. Beautiful place to drive around on the whole so I did enjoy it regardless! I ended up exploring west to east coast, iterally, and covered ~800 miles up there in 4 days lol.
  2. lovely place, love the suitcase and well done with the excellent light painting!
  3. Hi guys, I'm planning on taking a trip up to Scotland in a week or so and was wondering if any pointers on explores could be given via PM? I've done some basic searching and sent a couple of messages out and have 3 locations in mind so far but any other input would be great.
  4. Thanks gents, it was very dodgy in places, my mate was more braver than me, collecting golf balls like a man possessed from balconies and bedrooms lol
  5. After trekking 13 floors in the dorms next door we switched over to this grand hotel, a notice on the door said the hotel had been resealed in February and it all looked pretty secure but on further inspection there was a way in. I was expecting the inside to be a lot worse than it was, bad as it was most areas had good joists still! Built in 1910, and an extensive rebuild in 1922 after being gutted by fire. 5 storeys and a basement with a function room. 60 bedrooms and apparently a swimming pool that we clearly couldn't see as it was so overgrown! Closed in 2008 and has been subject to planned renovations and demolition regularly over the years but nothing has happened yet much to the dismay of the locals.
  6. Sculpture was not my doing, talented scalleys in west wales lol
  7. That happen's to be the abandoned hotel next door I will try post some of the photo's tomorrow.
  8. Some pics from one of the weekends explores, it took a while to find an entrance but we got there in the end. And yes, we did get to the roof. Not sure when this hall of residence ceased to be used but signatures in the toilets for cleaning rota ended in 2011. At time of building this was the only 'skyscraper' to be built in a national park, maybe it still is. The college has had multiple funding issues over the years hence these dorms being now disused and this hasn't stopped, the main college is also due to be closed this year.
  9. Great to see a proper cinema and a beauty at that. Great pics.
  10. I popped over tonight after finishing work, back door is now boarded up completely with the following notice on front and back door. And there is indeed a camera trap up a tree near the back door so no doubt another inside. I'm glad in a way, I would hate to see it get trashed like others I have seen. The red car seems to belong to the home owner at the top of the hill.
  11. Hi guys, a friend of mine went up to Sabre/the Animal house a couple of weeks ago on my recommendation and it is now boarded up apparently. There's also a police sign stating the 'owner is in a care home', I haven't seen it myself but may pop up sometime this week or at the weekend to have a look and take a couple of pics as it's only 20 mins away. He also said there was a red car taking great interest in him as he was wandering around the garden! It went past a number of times. I went up to Lullaby house about the same time, all is good there but some idiot has removed the pram, it's nowhere in or outside the house. Why can't people leave things alone?! As a consolation I did find the nearby cave with the 200 year old graffiti in it. Still miffed about the pram though.
  12. Great use of the light there, some beautiful shots. Is there entry at ground level now or just the first floor? Apologies if I shouldn't ask in the comments.
  13. Nice pics, I was there on Sunday but foolishly approached from the other side of the river, did you cross one of the trees to get to it or did you approach from the same side? I went halfway across then turned back as I had my daughter with me, the 'responsible' father in me kicked in and I decided i'm not encouraging her to do this lol. I took her to the other mill instead and will go back again to Leri another time.