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  1. ......its a cool place, woz there a section of fencing missing when you guys went? we just walked right in no probz! ive just been trying a new toy out in there, wot do ya think? not too shonky nice report, hope ya dont mind me adding these to it matey
  2. ......oi oi, itz been wrecked a wee bit more since you guys went but itz still standing 1 2 3 4 and a couple of after dark shots, yo Wevsky, dont worry im going back one nite soon ta get some Orbz lol 5 6 7 8 cheerz to Superwide for the wool flinging
  3. just some picz from The Former Steel Designs Construction site in Dover, i belive the place is going to be pulled down, ive been hear loads of times, its only a 5min walk from my place but ive never really taken any picz sooooo........ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 I also went back in the eve to spin some wool & see if any Orbs were around 9 10 11 I woz just about to give up on seeing any Orbs'n go home but i got lucky when 4 Orbs came out, they were kinda shy & didnt hang around long 12 13 14 15 thankz for looking
  4. .......oi oi matey, looking good
  5. ......na afraid not, we had to leave, spent far too long in The Upper Mills
  6. ........more random light painting from The Upper'n Lower Oil Mills 1 2 even found a Orb floating about too 3 4 5 Fat Wreck 6 7 blimey, a Orb & a Vortex 8 9 and just as we were leaving a green Orb came out to see wot we were doing
  7. ........just a few pics of Lydden Bunkers/Ammo Stores (24/10/10) cheers unfairytale 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 thankz for looking
  8. ......note im sat on my fat arse ha ha ha
  9. .......visited (20/10/10) with unfairytale, oldie68 & a 3rd mystery (banned) member lol 1 2 i belive its called the Hills Reservoir
  10. These are at the Eastern end of The Snargate Street Tunnels, the Tunnel leads to the west (Croucher's Tunnels) passing a vent shaft and kiln, and to the east (Cowgate Tunnel) The Cowgate section was hit & almost destroyed by a shell in WW2 killing a Mrs Patience Ransley, it is called Soldiers' Home Caves because its located behind the old Soliders' Home...... 1 2 looking up towards the kiln 3 looking back down 4 main section 5 Fat Wreck having a wee rest 6 looking back down the main section 7 Cowgate section 8 a bit further in 8 and some Orbs that have been floating about since the War 9 10 11 two Orbs!!! they must have been happy to have some company after all those years alone in the dark thanks for looking
  11. .......oi oi superwide, top picz from a top day, woz a great laugh
  12. ......The Ramsgate Tunnels are pretty neat'n mighty HUGE
  13. .......oi oi matey, looking cool
  14. ........visited with unfairytale thiz morning (18/09/10) at silly o'clock in the morning, only a couple of picz im afraid cheers for looking