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  1. Thanks alot for all the warm welcomes guys . I'll get some more posts sorted
  2. It's awesome this is going on the back of a hoodie haha
  3. Thanks mate . Couldn't resist it lol
  4. Cheers mate ,couldn't help myself lol
  5. thanks alot guys for the welcomes ......ill get some more posts up soon
  6. howdy and cheers again lol
  7. hello there !!!!! hi urbex boys and girls . new to the forum so thought id say hi . been at this a few years and have a loving relationship with my camera . im based in the awesome and lovely city of hull.......or ull if your local cheers take is easy TCAKE
  8. Hi guys. Just thought I'd drop in a quick hello and thanks for having me. Ill get banging done work up soon and look forward to getting to know all soon . Take it easy