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  1. Sadly now demolished � Ysgol y bont was a special education centre which was replaced by a 10million pound education cente further up the road which contains sensory rooms, a hydrotherapy pool and corridors witha built in gradient so that stairs are unecessary. Ysgol y bont was replaced in 2014. � � � � � � �
  2. � �A small disused church on Anglesey The oldest part of the current building is the 12th century nave. The chancel and the side chapel were added in the 15th century. The entrance to the church is now via the chapel, but once was through a doorway at the end of the nave, now blocked up. One unusual feature in the contents of the building is a large rectangular baptismal font. It has different styles of carving on each side, include arcade-like carvings on one and a celtic cross at the end. The carvings appear to be 12th century Norman in origin and it has been suggested that it originally was an alter with space inside to hold relics. Llanbeulan Font in St. Peulan's The church contains a number of memorials on the wall, and one stall in the chancel bears a carving declaring it to be "The Seate of William Bold of Treyrddol Esquire, 1664". The back wall of the nave displays decoratively-painted wood boards with the Lord's Prayer, the 12 commandments, and the Creed in Welsh � Owned by friends of friendless churches but still disused. � � � The explore � � Having been bumbling along on the way to visit a friend's farm I noticed a church seemingly in the middle of nowhere seemingly in the middle of a field.�� Thinking it looked interesting I abandoned the car in the nearest layby and went back for a nosey. A quick hop over a rather precariously fastened gate held up only by the staple of British farming - baler twine and you're on the churches raised causeway. � It's a nice peaceful little place. � � � t � � � r �
  3. History The factory was opened by Saunders-Roe during WW2, where it fitted out Catalina flying boats purchased from the US for the RAF. After the war, products built at the site included patrol boats and minesweepers and also bus bodies for London and Cuba. The site was taken over by Laird (Anglesey) in 1968. One of Laird s products was the unsuccessful Centaur, a Land Rover-based half-track vehicle. In 1996 FAUN took over their long-standing licensee Laird (nglesey) and in 1997 moved production to its newly built facility in Llangefni. The explore Pretty uneventful really. A lot quick hop over a wall and we were in a field of sheep who were so friendly they would foil anyone's attempt at stealth. 30 woolie shadows going baaa really loudly makes things really unsubtle. A quick squizz through the bushes and we were in. A nice relaxed amble around the bigger open sheds and an easy wiggle through a window into some others. Looks like the place is partially live though. As we peered around a corner near the front entrance we noticed a land-rover parked inside the fence and the door open but no one in sight. On trying a door as dilapidated looking as the rest a nice loud beeping started so we made a backwards retreat and mooched around the rest of the site. f Dffd Fg
  4. Formerly a small marine education centre. Closed in the 2000s. Thoroughly wrecked and all history seems to have been forgotten by the Internet and locals near it. G h
  5. Hi from North Walesbetween Snowdonia and Anglesey . 27yr old explorer who likes a good mooch and a wander in all sorts of places. Would say it keeps me out of mischief but I'd be lying. Been a lurker for a bit. Done most of my wanderings alone even though it's not always the best plan :) . Keen interest in history/art/photography since I was tiny (not that I'm tall now) and many other hobbies besides. Hopefully I'll find some like minded people around this neck of the woods