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  1. Same old same old man. Work, splore, misses, splore, work. Lol.
  2. Haha oh....I thought maybe I would of asked you to bring something to that party in browns for me!
  3. And the workers mike!! prevented me from having any shots of lower levels!! DAMN THEM!!
  4. Do I owe you a tenner nelly?? Haha, if I do im sure I can imagine what it is for......sorry buddy pm me your address
  5. Hi everyone im frosty, you might remember me! Im the one that will sign in, whack a load of reports up then disappear for months! Frost.
  6. The echo is the best thing about it ! Lol nah man just piles of rubble everywhere fuck all developement goin on
  7. Yeah 450d i think? I had to wear a pair of asbestos gloves and fireproof glasses to stop me bursting into flames.......;D
  8. Haha, i had a play with maniacs sigma the other day.......ive never looked through one before, im on it
  9. Yeah we went back a couple months back, someones made uh.........un necessary access lol.......i guess some people just dont want to use doors.........
  10. Haha, more to come stussy just gotta do some housework
  11. Lol nelly, the door hanging off is in the lower section, spiral staircase from top floor where the control gear and pir's are, the door was open for LONG until eventually as always happens the wrong person walked in and made an attempt at stripping the lower floor and it all got sealed up! What the hell is exif data?? Lol Frostaaay
  12. that's it tonight from me boys just realised the time got crappy work in the morning damn!