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  1. Hey Well first i just want to say that my name is Jaronimas and I am 16. 6 Months ago i did my first rooftop and I loved it. Recently I've moved to a new area and there isn't shit to do here. I was wondering maybe there are people around my area who would want to spend a day rooftopping or something ? I live around Colchester,United Kingdom If So hit me up +
  2. So i went to these factories in Bramford, Ipswich quite a while ago and got some shots, I didn't get many and I deleted the others but I could still find these. @Maniac as you mentioned you said you know some people in Chelmsford, yeah I'm not far from there I could catch a train if people wanted to do something, I don't have a problem.
  3. Such a nice welcome Sweet and yeah I will try to do that , thank you