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  1. Hello, here another post with a military graveyard in Italy that i'd visited last Summer during my holidays Here are a lot of tanks, perfect aligned, they looks pretty good, i don't know why they are parked here .... i think it's a shame when i think about the cost of one tank !!!! It was a little difficult to go there due the dense vegetation, but finally it was very impressive to see how much tanks here stayed. More pics here NS Photos
  2. Hi, . here some pictures from my trip in September. Of course this graveyard is known from everybody but i just want to share some of my pictures. This Airbase is still in activity but since 2014 it's no more a military base, it's now a private airfield with an association who dismantle and repair aircraft for museums. The museum can be visited officially but not the graveyard. So we park our car in the small neighbor village and walk a little in the night. We climbed the fence and waited for the sun. We spent just an hour there, not more For more pictures please click here Casse Mirage
  3. Hello, my name is Nico, i live in France, on the German border .... I practice urban exploration since 3 years and my favorite places are Military Sites and Castles So i want here to share some pictures i made and discuss with people ;-) See you soon Nico