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  1. This church had been on my bucket list for a while and I finally got access, granted it happened last year. I don't know a lot of the history of the church, other than the congregation was founded by German immigrats in the 1800s. The origional church burned in the Chicago fire and a new one was constructed in 1904. In the 1910s Polish immigrants moved in and the German congregation declined in membership. It bounced back and years later in the 50s a large Puerto Rican population came in and spanish masses were offered for the first time. Membership throughout the 60s and 70s etc kept declining and in 1990 the church officially closed. The rectory, convent and school were all torn down. As for the chruch a development company owns it and want's to turn it into luxury condos and a music school.
  2. I am glad you like it! I don't really know how to do that sorry, but if you woudn't mind could you make the changes for me. The location is Kenosha, Wisconson (I live in the states) and these were taken on December 2nd.
  3. It's been a while since I've posted anything. I though I would share something really cool, this is the Kenosha Theater. I have a thing for old movie palaces and I could not pass this up especially since I live pretty close to it. It technically isn't abandoned since a man owns it, but he dosen't have the money to fix it so it sits in it's abandoed state. I will also add that he does give tours to anyone. That's all I have to say so enjoy the decay.
  4. Hi, I just joined the forum yesterday and I was excited to jump in and forgot to introduce myself sorry. I am from Chicago and and new to urban exploration. I have never gone into any abandoned places but after seeing videos and pictures of abandoned places it made me want to do some exploring myself.