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  1. I went past here yesterday but sadly never went inside because of to many locals about!
  2. I actually went on a "ghost hunt" here last year for a cheap laugh. The guys behind urban decay actually turned up to do a explore bearing in mind this was at 11pm so was a little strange, they showed us that video and can say from my experience sitting in the rooms calling out i would say it's not haunted and they probs faked that video. The only bit I would say is maybe active is the "prison" part I heard whistling.haha
  3. History.... Dr Mostafa Morsy, a specialist of addiction treatment, spent around £300,000 bringing the former Heckington Manor up to scratch and opening a successful private practice for the treatment of alcoholism in the late 1980s. In 2003, the government had drastically cut funding for this sort of treatment in favour of drug treatments and Dr Morsy had no other option other than to close the doors of his pride and joy. During it’s operation, the clinic treated over 2000 patients; one of whom gave an interview to the BBC upon hearing of it’s planned closure. ‘Tom Edwards had a drinking problem for 30 years before coming to the clinic. It cost him his career in the televison industry and many of his friends. He said: "I was going round in a kind of vicious circle. When I crossed the threshold of the Heckington clinic my battle with the bottle was done - and the bottle had won - I had given in.“’ Since his treatment he has been alcohol-free for three years. The Explore.... Thanks for looking