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  1. No worries Nice! I've been using Ilford 125 but I might have to try that one next.
  2. Lovely shots! They came out really well. Prefer your film shots to any of the digital ones I've seen. What film are you using out of interest?
  3. This place is high on my to do list for 2019 and seeing this report makes me want to go even more! Fantastic photographs and very well covered as always @Andy. An interesting story regarding the globe as well, I'd heard it had been stolen and was a bit disappointed. I've seen a lot of pictures recently with the globe in it so it would make sense it has been replaced, glad to see there's still some good people left in the community!
  4. Welcome to the forum! My family are also Scottish and I've spent a lot of time there so I'm very much looking forward to seeing some of your reports
  5. Great photos! Looks like a good mine to explore
  6. Absolutely love this report. Beautiful location, great lighting and superb photos, very atmospheric. Thanks for posting this one up!
  7. It's nice to see an informative and well produced video with some good photos to accompany it. Thanks for posting
  8. Lovely report! You've got some really nice photos there. Good thing you didn't bump into the owner, apparently he locks people in and calls the police, nightmare 😂
  9. That's some nice looking industry! Thanks for posting
  10. Nice report! Very well covered
  11. Lovely place that! Looks very photogenic Nice report @Andy.
  12. This is a bit different! Great pictures, love your editing style Thanks for posting.
  13. Looks like a cool place to explore! Really liking your photos too, espiecally the one of the pigs