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  1. Interesting place! Thanks for sharing this
  2. Fantastic report Andy! Liking the close up of the chairs
  3. Nice report mate! Looks like you had a good day for exploring too
  4. Excellent report mate! Love how much detail you put into it. Thanks for posting
  5. Now that looks special! Really nice photos there. I agree with @jones-y-gog I'm glad to see the vandals haven't been in yet
  6. Very nice report. Looks like there's a lot there too see
  7. Great photos! The medical room is my favourite. Thanks for posting
  8. Very nice Andy! Think this has to be my favourite Welsh chapel. Some really nice shots there
  9. Nice bit of industry that! Good job getting in. Just goes to show you can't always trust rumours
  10. Was wondering if this would pop up on here. Great photos! Thanks for posting
  11. I'm surprised there's still stuff left here! Great report. Thanks for posting Been wanting to see this for a while myself.