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  1. Heard of some explorers being told to leave the country after being caught (but that could just be a rumour) and people having other issues with the police. That doesn't surprise me at all, it's quite a well known location.
  2. Thank you πŸ˜‹ It was definitely something. Shame I don't know more about the place but adds to the mystery!
  3. Nice report, liking the shot of the blast furnace. Have heard stories of this location and people getting caught there. Good thing you had nice security guards and managed to get a few snaps beforehand
  4. Great introduction to the forum! Nice shots. Looks like a cool place with some interesting history. Looking forward to seeing some more reports from you
  5. Welcome to the forum @Urbanghoul. Looking forward to seeing some photographs of your explores in Scotland
  6. Brillant pictures and the lighting is perfect. Gotta be one of my favourite Welsh chapels. Nice work
  7. Very nice mate! Loving those old machines and the retro control pannels
  8. Thank you! Yeah, it was right up my street! If you end up in France at any point I'd definitely recommend popping in
  9. It was beautiful 😍 I'll have to take you when we go to France! The vintage bottles made me so happy haha! πŸ˜„