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  1. Really liking the look of this one. Excellent pictures, thanks for posting
  2. Welcome to the forum Looking forward to seeing your photos.
  3. History Kelenföld Power Plant is located in Budapest and was originally established in 1914, in conjunction with Hungary's electrification program. It was known as one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced throughout Europe and supplied electricity to the entire capital. The site itself featured the first boiler house as an electrical supply building in the city. Between 1922 and 1943 the plant underwent two extension phases which introduced 19 modernised steam boilers and 8 turbines. These were operated at 38 bar steam pressure and transferred the increasing demand for electricity through 30 kV direct consumer cables. The equipment used was considered state of the art at the current time and was all produced by Hungarian manufacturers. By the 1930s the facility contributed to 60% of Budapest's heating and hot water which made up 4% of the country's overall energy supply. The infamous Art Deco control room, also known as 'Special K' was completed in 1927, after two years of construction. Designed by notable architects Kálmán Reichl and Virgil Borbíro, because of this, it's listed as a protected site under Hungarian law and cannot be restored or destroyed. The Kelenföld control room is widely acclaimed as one of the most stunning monuments of industrial art. It uniquely explores the boundaries between functionality and grandeur, featuring a decorative oval skylight alongside the retro style green panels, hosting a range of buttons, dials, and gauges. Once the Second World War had begun, a small concrete shelter was added for the employees. This was due to the ornate glass ceiling, as it was considered to be a target during the bombing raids in the city. By 1962 the plant was modernised again with accordance to the heat supply demands of the capital. The existing condensing technology was replaced with back pressure heating turbines and hot water boilers. This increased reliability, as coal was steadily becoming more outdated and inefficient. In 1972 gas turbines with a capacity of 32 MWe were integrated into the plant and were the first to be put into operation throughout Hungary. In 1995 another redevelopment phase was initiated which provided the power station with a heat recovery steam generator and later on in 2007 a water treatment plant was established. The control room itself was closed in 2005, since then it has been featured in a few well-known films such as the Chernobyl Diaries and World War Z. Other areas of the site remain active through private ownership, with buildings still providing power to Budapest. Our Visit We arrived in Budapest feeling cautiously optimistic, we had other locations on our agenda for the weekend but Kelenföld was a significant reason for our visit. It's something I've wanted to see since I started exploring a couple of years ago and failure was not an option for us. We had 3 days and therefore 3 attempts (at the minimum) to access it. Fortunately for us, we managed to get in the first time around and we couldn't have really asked for a better way to kick off the trip. Once we made it inside the plant we found ourselves lost in a maze of locked doors and sealed off sections. Understandably they wanted to make it as difficult to get into the control room as possible. Whilst searching we heard the familiar sound of nearby footsteps and radio so we quickly found a decent spot to hide. "We have to keep moving, if we stay here we'll get busted," I said to my exploring partner, after a handful of excruciating minutes, listening to them steadily get closer and so we pressed on. Without giving too much away we managed to find our way to the main spectacle and were instantly blown away by it's immense beauty. So without further ado, onto the photos! Unfortunately, with the security guard on the hunt for us we decided to bounce before getting caught ((more so my other half than myself.) As much as I would have loved to stay, I didn't argue. Means we have an excuse to go back! As always if you've got this far, hope you enjoyed reading my report
  4. Thank you Nice! If you need any help regarding access feel free to drop me a pm and have a good trip!
  5. Nice photos Cheers for sharing this with us.
  6. Fantastic report, got some great pictures there. Especially liking the elephant, not something you see everyday!
  7. Lovely photos, glad to see it still looks the same since I went. Thanks for sharing
  8. Yes mate! Glad to see you've posted this one up. Looks like an incredible adventure and props to everyone involved.
  9. Really like the look of this place! So much stuff left behind. Great photos
  10. Fantastic report mate! Loving the look of this place and you've captured it really well @jones-y-gog I believe they were there for the workers to put their stuff in while they were on to stop them getting covered in dust etc.
  11. Welcome to the forum
  12. Really nice photos, usually I'm not massively keen on graffiti in derps but this one is an exception. Thanks for posting
  13. Liking the look of this place, perhaps your photos have made it look nicer than it is When you say another mine nearby, do you mean Zeche Hugo? I was there last year.
  14. Cracking first report, got some really nice photos there. Thanks for sharing this with us
  15. Very nice! Loving that staircase in the first picture
  16. I thought this was awaiting demolition, shame to see it will all be gone soon (if it's not already.) Great photos thanks for posting.
  17. This lovely Andy, looks like there's lots of cool bits still left there. Great photos
  18. Other sites aren't relevant and like @The_Raw said, it's not exactly top secret. Every man and his dog knows about this place. If I was to codename it as 'Special K' it would still be very easy to find online and is also quite distinctive. Of course on the forum, keeping the locations posted on here safe from vandals is one of our highest priorities and a responsibility we all share as explores. I'm sorry to hear you feel that way but in this case we didn't think it was necessary to include a codename for this location.
  19. Great report. Fair play to you going back and trying again, love that determination and looks like it paid off
  20. Fantastic pictures! Nice to see a bit more from this location than just the 'main shot.' Thanks for sharing
  21. Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy browsing the site
  22. Nice introduction mate, welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing what you get up too once you've got off the sofa