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  1. This is a bit different! Great pictures, love your editing style Thanks for posting.
  2. Looks like a cool place to explore! Really liking your photos too, espiecally the one of the pigs
  3. Nice photos, looks like you covered them well. Thanks for posting
  4. Brill write up, some interesting history there. Loving the staircase too, very well covered
  5. Really liking this! Fantastic photos and the colours are beautiful. Nice work
  6. Hi Dacki, welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing some reports from you!
  7. Hi Gabor, welcome to the forum! Good to see you've posted up some reports already
  8. Sad to see it's starting to get more trashed since I went but still a beautiful place. Nicely captured
  9. A couple from a vehicle graveyard in Belgium, some of my favourite derp cars
  10. Absolutely brilliant report. Some very aesthetically pleasing photos there, liking the way you've edited them. Makes me want to see this for myself more now
  11. Cool report! Thanks for posting
  12. Cool photos! Nice to see a rooftop posted on here now and again
  13. Fantastic report Mikey! Looks like you've put a lot of work into posting that up. Thank you for sharing
  14. Love this! Fabulous photos and a great location. Thanks for posting
  15. Cool report! Nice bit of industry there. Thanks for posting
  16. Nice report Andy! I was thinking the same as @hamtagger, interesting mix of quite new looking rooms and really decayed ones.
  17. Really nice report! Looks like you've covered it well. Thanks for posting
  18. Nice photos, looks like a good place for a mooch. Thanks for posting
  19. Thought this place was looking pretty worse for wear but I didn't realise how bad it was! Sad too see all that rubbish dumped there. Great set of photos none the less, thank you for sharing
  20. Very nice report. Been meaning to see this for a while and your pictures make me want to go more now! Thanks for posting
  21. This place looks incredible, sad to see the mirror has been smashed though Brilliant report and nicely covered!
  22. I see another football has appeared since I went! Really nice report there. Very thorough, I'm especially liking the ceiling shot.