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  1. Looks sooo tidy but yet so much peeley paint. fantastic pics.
  2. Hi All, Was looking at a local venue to get into a old safeway warehouse. As i was looking for any gaps in fencing i noticed a few alarm systems dotted all around the various buildings Also a lot of cams . Went upto the front gatehouse for a look about to see if there was any security on, Couldnt see through the Mirrored glass of gatehouse. Main Gates were Wide open just a barrier to stop cars going through. I hung about for about 20 mins when the door of gatehouse opened and security bloke headed over and asked what i was upto. I just told him waiting for a lift. He then asked me to wait away from entrance. So After A Bit Of Advice Is it worth the risk of going for it? Whats the Chances Of Alarms/Cams Working Has anyone just plain asked a secca if they can look round or offered them back hander? Cheers In Advance Stu
  3. This is my first splore so please go easy. Any advice is more than welcome.R B Harrison's Shipyard. Its in NE England Based On The River Tyne.A shipyard was set up in Bill Quay around 1820. This was taken over by RB Harrison in the mid-century and the yard became a repair facility. It continued in this role until the 1980s Many Thanks For Taking The Time to look at my very 1st splore.