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  1. Hello folks. Thanks for the welcome. I had a feeling something odd went in with my initial post and it was lost in the ether somewhere! Obviously I’ve not had any response from anyone in my area but hopefully that will change now. I’ll keep watching the site and start doing some research for desirable exploring in or around the area
  2. Hi. I've just joined and am a novice explorer with good camera skills and a love of WW2 and Cold War fortifications, bunkers and anything with character and some history. I live in Barnet which is either very north London or just Hertfordshire. Looking for anyone in the area with similar interest and for advice and help in getting started. I've been a longtime fan of this site and the work you guys do and felt it was time to join and see some sites before they are all gone. I've just turned 40 and this was on my list. It was this or WW2 reenactments but I couldn't justify the cost! All respect to them but it's just too far out of my budget (some of the kit is astronomical). Also it's a bit too much like Dads Army for me. I can help with logistics, carrying stuff, making great food and drink, lighting and general enthusiasm and respect for others and the places visited. I want to see more before all traces of WW2 or anything pre 2000 is wiped off the map and replaced with flats. Keep up all the great work and serious respect to your photos as they are pieces of artwork
  3. Hi

    Ive just joined as I'm an avid reader of this site. I live in North West London and am a keen photographer with an interest in WW2 and Cold War fortifications and structures but am a novice explorer. I'm hoping to connect with people in or near me to further my exploring. The photography I've seen on the site is amazing and a lot of the shots pass as fine art. You guys must make large prints of some of your work as it's truly beautiful and only improved by being printed and framed. My only exploring experience has been local air raid shelters and the French town of Oradour-sur-Glan. A large shelter in a Mill Hill park was opened by local kids who wouldn't go in. I did and found an amazing shelter that went far underneath a semi rural open space. I planned to return the next day but found the council had not only closed it permanently but collapsed it, ruining the chance to explore forever. We would gladly drive and transport anybody local who is up for a trip. I've spent endless hours looking at photos here and really want to be a part of something this important as so many sites are disappearing at an alarming rate. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and keep up the great work.