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  1. As somebody that lived in Ambergate when Oakhurst was occupied (I also played in the grounds with people that lived there) can I as a jumped up newcomer clarify some points 1 The building was used by the Army in the WW11 for purposes that I have never been able to find out ,even though my Mother was stationed there for 4 years 2 The building was used as flats from 1956 or possibly earlier (at least 6 flats ) 3 It was the late eighties that the building was shut up when the works ceased production 4 Yes there is a cellar but as far as I know nobody can find the entrance to it, if there is one it certainly not in the building as the lads I used play and myself looked for it on numerous occasions but could not find it I hope that this does not tread on any toes
  2. These are pictures of Holly Farm (I think) .Anyway my great great grandfather lived there and farmed the land in front of the cottage down to the river .My great grand father lived there until he got wed and worked as a clerk at the factory