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  1. Very nice, and that staircase
  2. My fav Iron Maiden song. Also my missus calls me one because of my will to win,not give up and take a whole lot of pain.
  3. Oh yeah, sorry. I can sort that later when I get home from work.
  4. My site is www.deviantmind.co.uk it's not updated because I am lazy but worth a look.
  5. For me its: Canon 5D2 with 17-40L Mostly. Gitzo Carbon Fibre tripod and a slingshot bag.
  6. Hi all, My name is Ian and I go by the name of Trooper (after Iron Maiden song) I am on the fb page as Ian Munro or my fb as Deviant Mind. My website is www.deviantmind.co.uk This is by far the most welcome place regarding Urbexing I have know so cheers. You may see me in my shots popping up in ridiculous poses in suit. This is part of my Journeyman series. Thanks.
  7. pmsl, I am 18st and I got to about 2ft from end. I stood there with my bowler hat and suit on......you may have seen the pic
  8. Well done anyway, loving the images.
  9. Again a cracking job you have done, I thought the place had mostly gone.......shame it was on my list
  10. Nice shots there of a good little explore, I enjoyed it and remember standing on the diving board. Top shots as always Wevsky